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12" Jackie Chan Action Figure

dm_jackie_boxed.jpg - 20057 Bytes Fans of Jackie Chan have been clamoring for an action figure for years. It came close a few years back with a planned figure from Palisades Marketing based on the Topps (and later, Image) Spartan X comic book series - but that project was eventually aborted - much to the disappointment of Chan-fans.

Flash-forward to 2000, and Dragon Models has come to the rescue. Long regarded for their highly detailed, and amazingly articulated 12" military action figures Dragon was the perfect choice to finally bring Jackie to plastic "life".

Dragon is planning on producing a series of Jackie Chan figures, from various points in his career and from various movies. The figure spotlighted here is Jackie Chan from My Story. Another Jackie figure, Dragon Lord, has also been released overseas.

One of the most unique features of this figure are the poseable fingers! The hands are done "Gumby-style" using an interior wireframe to allow for the positioning of the hands (see below).

Dragon Models has really come through and produced not only a great collectible for fans of Jackie Chan, but a superior toy that just begs to be played with, and posed.

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Jackie Chan Action Figure
Made By: Dragon Models
Height: 12"
Articulation: 20+ points
Accessories: Comes with boots, pants, shirt, jacket, sunglasses and movie clackboard
What Makes It Cool?
It's Jackie Chan! If anyone has been deserving of getting an action figure, it's Jackie. Thanks to the folks at Dragon Models, he finally has one. Combine astounding articulation (including a very unique elbow joint mechanism) with a great likeness, and you've got a winner of a figure!

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