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temjin3.jpg - 14114 Bytes The current Sega Dreamcast hit, Virtual On is just the latest Japanese import in the Giant Robot Revolution! The game is set in a sci-fi future where giant virtuoids are set against each other in explosive combat. And if you thought those robots looked good at 60-frames-per-second, the robot action figure imports are sure to impress even the most discriminating game-player.

The articulation-heavy figures were manufactured by Kaiyodo's Xebec Toys division, based on the work of Mobile Suit Gundam-designer, Katoki Hajime. The Virtoid Temjin comes complete with seven different snap-on hands, a gun, a sword, Twin back-jets, and a custom display base ideal for posing the figure in dynamic flying positions.

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Created by Sega of Japan, the game almost didn't make it to American shores due to the bizarre Twin Sticks Peripheral required to play. But thanks to Activision, Mech-hungry Americans are now flocking to the game in droves! The game was tweaked by Activision to make using the traditional Dreamcast controller easier - and aside from a high learning curve - it plays like a charm.

If you hurry, you might find these figures online at www.tokyopop.com. Good luck!

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Hey look! It's a Dreamcast on the back of the robot - and it opens up to reveal a game CD inside!

Virtual On Temjin Action Figure
Made By: Kaiyodo/Xebec Toys
Height: 7"
Articulation: 31 points
Accessories: Comes 7 hands, gun, sword, Twin back-jets, and a custom display base.
What Makes It Cool?
Super articulated robot action, baby! Thanks to Gundamania, giant robots are in - and the Virtual On mechs can certainly hold their own. Not only are these just cool looking 'bots, but the amazing articulation makes them a must have.

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