3 3/4-inch Archives

3 3/4-inch Archives
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3 3/4-inch Archives
These archives are created and maintained by Kevin Lentz, and have been online since December 1997.

3 3/4-inch Archives 2015 updates:
  • Updated links page (lots of pages gone; lots of Facebook groups added) and updated my personal want list
Airwolf (Aguia de Fogo) Alien A-Team A-Team (Esquadrao Classe A)
Battlestar Galactica Black Hole Blue Thunder (Trovao Azul) Buck Rogers
Bugmen of Insecta Butch & Sundance Carrying cases C.B. McHaul
CHiPs Clash of the Titans Comic Action Heroes Crystar
Dallas The Dark Crystal Dracula Dragonriders of the Styx
Dukes of Hazzard Fall Guy Fall Guy (Duro na Queda) Flash Gordon
Greatest American Hero Indiana Jones Knight Rider (Super Maquina) Lone Ranger
Love Boat MacGyver Magnum P.I. M*A*S*H
Miami Vice Mini Monsters Mork & Mindy Pocket Super Heroes
Rambo Robocop Space Precinct Space War
Star Trek the Motion Picture Star Trek III Star Trek the Next Generation Steel Monsters
Street Hawk (Moto Laser) Terminator 2 Thundarr the Barbarian TJ Hooker (Carro Commando)
Tomland lines Tron Who Framed Roger Rabbit Wizard of Oz
Wrangler Brand Zorro blank blank

"If you were a toy from a bad '80s TV show, you'll find your picture here." - ToyFare magazine


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