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Steel Monsters
Barbarian / Retread
Blaster / Talon
Bomber / Punk
Destroyer / Half Track
Enforcer / Wheel Boss
Masher / Metal Face
Pulverizor / Tygress
Wrecker / Viking
Steel Monsters
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  • Tonka released Steel Monsters vehicles and figures in two series from 1986 and 1987
  • Each vehicle included one action figure
  • The figures feature solid construction, and 5 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, and hips)
  • Some or all of the figures were also released on individual cards
  • Although not official, the line seems to have been inspired by the Mad Max movies
  • Please email if you can provide more images or information on this line. Thanks!
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  • In 2000-2001, N2 toys released official Mad Max / Road Warrior toys in a larger scale

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