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  • Kenner planned a line of 3-inch Action Figures for the 1979 movie Alien. Although the line was brought fairly near to completion, the 3 3/4-inch figures were never released
  • In 2014, Funko produced facsimiles of these Kenner figures as part of their ReAction line of retro figures; they have since expanded the line to include other figures
Related toys:
  • Kenner did release an awesome 18-inch Alien figure (presumably scaled to a 12-inch doll) in 1979
  • Kenner released a line of 5-inch Aliens toys from 1992 to 1996, some of which crossed over into its Predator line. Figures include: Apone, Bishop, Drake, Hicks, Ripley, Bull Alien, Gorilla Alien, Scorpion Alien, Queen Alien, Queen Winged Alien, Face Hugger, Snake Alien, Rhino Alien, Mantis Alien, Movie Alien (included in Aliens/ Predator 2-pack), Panther Alien, Night Cougar Alien, Arachnid Alien, Kill Krab Alien, Wild Boar Alien, Vasquez, O'Malley, Hudson, King Alien, and Swarm Alien. Vasquey, O'Malley, and Hudson were initially only available overseas, but Vasquez and O'Malley were released in the U.S. in two-packs.
  • Kenner also released larger-scale toys for Aliens: Resurrection
  • I've heard that 4-inch bootlegs were made of some of the 5-inch Kenner toys, but I have yet to see them

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