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  • Gabriel released The Legends of the Lone Ranger figuers, based on the movie in one series in 1982
  • All figures feature solid consrtuction (no rubber band)
  • All figures exhibit 7 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, hips, and knees
  • Lone Ranger & Silver were also released together as a 2-pack, as were Tonto & Scout, and Butch & Smoke
Related toys:
  • The first Lone Ranger and Tonto figures released were costumes for the 12-inch Captain Action series. Captain Action's different costumes (including Flash Gordon, Superman, Spider-Man and Phantom) were sold with a head that could be attached to Captain Action
  • The 1998-1999 reincarnation of Captain Action also features a Lone Ranger and a Tonto figure
  • Gabriel's first Lone Ranger line was an extensive offering of large-scale dolls and horses in 1979, some of which were re-released for the Legend of the Lone Ranger movie
  • In 1982, Gabriel also released figures and horses for the Zorro cartoon, which are very compatible with the Lone Ranger line - in fact the Zorro cardbacks have a cross-sell for the Lone Ranger toys

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