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Blue Thunder
Frank Chaney
Frank Chaney with helmet
Blue Thunder
  • Glasslite released toys based on the movie Blue Thunder - the Portugese name for the series is Trovao Azul
  • Two versions of the Frank Chaney were released carded - with and without a helmet
  • These figures are very similar to the figures released for Glasslite's Airwolf series - the Airwolf figures are gray while the Blue Thunder figures are blue
  • I believe Glasslite released a Blue Thunder boxed set (similar to the Airwolf Garras de Aguia set
  • If you know of, or have pictures of any other Glasslite Trovao Azul / Blue Thunder toys, please email me
Related toys:
  • A Blue Thunder helicopter with a figure was sold in the US - I believe the figure included is 3 3/4-inch

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