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Wrangler Brand
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  • Ertl released 5 figures in its 1983 Wrangler Brand line, based on the clothing brand, not the movie
  • Each of the four regular carded figures features rubber-band construction and 10 points of articulation - neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, and knees
  • These four figures have the same and crotch (except Luke, who's wearing chaps), which were also used on Ertl's Fall Guy figure, along with The Wrangler's torso and arms
  • These four figures were released with accessories; at least Cody was also released carded with no accessories
  • The race set includes a figure of solid construction
  • Ertl also released 2 larger-scale Wrangler figures of Wrangler and Missy, and some die-cast vehicles in smaller scales with Wrangler logos
  • Thanks to the Western Figure Archive for providing some information on this line

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