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Jimmy Squeaks
Wheels Willie
Highway Patrol Launcher
Police Chase Car
U.S. card front U.S. card back
  • All five figures were packaged with the same card art, with the characters' names in blue over the bubble
  • The card back shows pictures from the TV show of Jon, Sarge, and Ponch
  • In the U.S. (above), the Mego logo appears in the bottom left corner of the front and back; in the U.K. (below) the Ideal logo is in the bottom left corner; The Grand Toys logo is above the Mego logo on the Canadian card (below)
  • Mego realized the cross-sell pontential of 3 inch figures - they list some of their other 3 inch scale toys (above): Buck Rogers, The Black Hole, Star Trek, and Pocket Super Heroes, none of which have anything to do with CHiPS except for the same scale. These cross-sell items are absent from the U.K. card back (below)
  • The Glasslite keychain was sold seperately from the figures
U.K. card front U.K. card back

Canadian packaging Glasslite keychain

Image credits:
  • U.K. card front and back provided by Anonymous of U.K.
  • Canadia packaing provided by Martin Lacy

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