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Battlestar Galactica
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  • Mattel released Battlestar Galactica figures, based on the TV show, in two series from 1978 to 1979
  • The first series, which is more common, includes Adama, Cylon Centurian, Daggit, Imperious Leader, Ovion, and Starbuck
  • The second series, which is more scarce, features Baltar, Boray, Cylon Commander, and Lucifer
  • All figures feature solid construction (no rubber bands); however, they exhibit various degrees of articulation
Related toy lines:
  • Mattel also manufactured two 10-inch figures - a Cylon and a Colonial Warrior, both of which borrowed from Mattel's old Major Matt Mason molds
  • Mattel manufactured small-scale ships and a remote control Cylon Raider as well, none of which were scaled to the 3 3/4-inch figures
  • In 1996, Trendmasters released a 6-inch scale line of Battlestar Galactica figures, featuring Imperious Leader, Starbuck, Cylon Commander, and Cylon Centurion. These four figures were all available in talking and non-talking versions. Hanger 18 offered two non-talking exclusives, a black Stealth Cylon and Starbuck (from the Episode "War of the Gods", the latter of which has been canceled

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