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  • Tomy released Tron figures, based on the movie, in 1981
  • The figures are a little taller than most 3 3/4-inch figures
  • All four Tomy figures feature solid construction (no rubber band)
  • The four Tomy figures exhibit 5 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips, with the exception of Warrior, whose neck is nonartiulate
  • All four figures are molded in transparent plastic
  • Bendy Toys released the 12-inch Tron action figure in England
  • In 2002, NECA re-released the Tomy Tron figures. The four figures came limited on a Tomy-style card, and unlimited on a Neca new card.
  • NECA also re-released the red and yellow light cycles, and added a blue light cycle. Each of the cycles comes with an exclusive black plastic figure - The red Cycle comes with Sark, the yellow with Tron, and the blue with Flynn
  • Also in 2002, Medicom released new 4-inch-scale Tron action figures with a greater degree of accuracy and articulation

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