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Stringfellow Hawke
Stringfellow Hawke with Helmet
Conjunto set
Garras da Aguia set
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  • Brazil's Glasslite released action figures for the televsion show Airwolf in 1984 - the Portugese title for the series was Aguia de Fogo, which translates as "Fire Eagle"
  • 3 figures were available as part of the Airwolf line - Stringfellow Hawke with helmet, Hawke without Helmet, and Michael Goldsmith Briggs III
  • The Hawke figures use the same molds as the Frank Chaney figures from Glasslite's Blue Thunder series - the Airwolf figures are light gray and the Blue Thundar figures are blue
  • Glasslite released two boxed sets, the Conjunto set and the Garras da Aguia set, as well as the Cheetah and Jeep vehicles
  • Glasslite is the only company worldwide to release Airwolf figures
  • If you know of, or have pictures of any other Glasslite Aguia de Fogo / Airwolf toys, please email me

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