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The 2002 American International Toy Fair is from February 10th to 14th, 2002, and the Raving Toy Maniac will once again be covering the event, bringing you news of upcoming toys and action figures.

Our coverage is now in "stage 2" - we are re-organizing the pages to better group the pictures by product line and add in details about the toys. Scroll past the "daily updates" section to see the "by company" and "by toy line" section - over the coming weeks, the "daily updates" section will shrink as those pages are absorbed into the other two sections.

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Some toy companies have very good coverage of their own products, so be sure to check their sites during Toy Fair, too! Sideshow Toy will be posting news during the show, as will Diamond Select, and McFarlane Toys will have their coverage up on February 11th, 2002.

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February 27, 2002:
McFarlane Toys Showroom - page 1 (Movie Maniacs, Monsters)
McFarlane Toys Showroom - page 2 (Spawn 21 - Alternate Realites, Spawn 22 - Viking Spawn)
McFarlane Toys Showroom - page 3 (Iron Maiden, KISS, Ultima, Sports Picks)
McFarlane Toys Showroom - page 4 (Sports Picks, Metal Gear Solid, Onimusha)
Hasbro Showroom - page 9 (Disney, Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, Star Wars)
Hasbro Showroom - page 10 (Star Wars)
Hasbro Showroom - page 11 (Star Wars)

February 26, 2002:
Dragon Models Showroom - minis, military figures, Danger Girl
Irwin Toys Showroom - page 1 (IF Labs figures)
Irwin Toys Showroom - page 2 (DragonBall Z)
WizKids Showroom - page 1 (Mage Knight)
WizKids Showroom - page 2 (Mage Knight)
Applause Showroom - page 1 (Disney, LOTR)
Applause Showroom - page 2 (LOTR, Universal Monsters, Curious George, Woody Woodpecker)
Applause Showroom - page 3 (plush, Bob the Builder, Disney)
RC/Ertl & Joyride Studios Showroom - page 1 (video game figures, John Deere diecast)
RC/Ertl & Joyride Studios Showroom - page 2 (diecast, Outdoor Sportsmen figures)
RC/Ertl & Joyride Studios Showroom - page 3 (diecast, including Mach 5)
Trendmasters Showroom - page 1 (Storm Water Guns, Powerpuff Girls, Boppin Rockers, Starcastles)
Trendmasters Showroom - page 2 (Starcastles, Norton, Monkeyin' Around, Cody, Robot Wars)
Trendmasters Showroom - page 3 (Robot Wars, Cubix, Rumble Rippers)
Trendmasters Showroom - page 4 (Rumble Cars, Rumble Robots, Rumble Wars)
Zapf Creations Showroom - page 1 (play dolls)
Zapf Creations Showroom - page 2 (play dolls)
Zapf Creations Showroom - page 3 (designer dolls)
Palisades Showroom - page 4 (more Micronauts)
Playmates Toys Showroom - page 3 (P.O.D.Z.)
Sideshow Toy Showroom - page 3 (Universal Monsters, Hogan's Heroes, Twilight Zone, Dark Crystal, Army of Darkness, Monty Python)
Sideshow Toy Showroom - page 4 (Monty Python, Civil War)
Sideshow Toy Showroom - page 5 (Live by the Sword, Revolutionary War, WWI)
Sideshow Toy Showroom - page 6 (Twilight Zone, Universal Monsters, Lord of the Rings, misc)

February 25, 2002:
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 1 (Bastard!, Final Fantasy)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 2 (Final Fantasy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 3 (Kubricks, Trigun, Kaiyodo Powered Suits, Gaogaigar)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 4 (Kubricks, Battle of the Planets, Goddess)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 5 (Battle of the Planets, Peter Cottontail, Misfit Toys, Marvel Busts)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 6 (Marvel Select, DC Direct)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 7 (DC Direct)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 8 (DC Direct, Smallville, Marilyn Monroe Cars, Kabuki, Vampire, Werewolf, Alice McGee)
Diamond Comics Showroom - page 9 (Vampire, Werewolf, Simpsons Blockos, Beetlejuice, Myst III)

February 24, 2002:
Dynamic Forces Showroom
JAKKS Pacific Showroom - page 1 (WWF, Scorpion King)
JAKKS Pacific Showroom - page 2 (WWF, BattleBots, Junkyard Wars)

February 23, 2002:
Marx Toys Showroom - Marx Repro Figures
Peg Perego Showroom - Ride-On Vehicles
Playmobil Showroom - page 1
Playmobil Showroom - page 2
Playmobil Showroom - page 3
K'NEX Press Images - page 1 (Arcade, R/C, MechWarrior, Space)
K'NEX Press Images - page 2 (Space, Misc sets, Cyber Swarm, Lincoln Logs)
Mattel Showroom - page 1 (Fisher-Price, Rescue Heroes)
Mattel Showroom - page 2 (Fisher-Price)
Mattel Showroom - page 3 (Fisher-Price, What's Her Face?, American Girl)
Mattel Showroom - page 4 (Barbie)
Mattel Showroom - page 5 (Barbie)
Mattel Showroom - page 6 (Barbie)
Mattel Showroom - page 7 (Barbie)
Mattel Showroom - page 8 (HotWheels, Matchbox, Max Steel)
Mattel Showroom - page 9 (Max Steel, Jimmy Neutron, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, He-Man)
Mattel Showroom - page 10 (Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, He-Man)
Mattel Showroom - page 11 (He-Man)

February 22, 2002:
X Concepts Showroom - page 1 (Tech Deck Stationery, Modifiers, Tech Deck Dudes)
X Concepts Showroom - page 2 (more Dudes, SKUMM Bucket & figures)
X Concepts Showroom - page 3 (Tech Deck Boards & accessories)
Mezco Showroom - page 1 (Animal House, Austin Powers, Run DMC, Hoodz)
Mezco Showroom - page 2 (Hoodz, Living Dead Dolls)
Mezco Showroom - page 3 (Living Dead Dolls, Halloween Kids, Reservoir Dogs, Cryptozoology, Mez-Itz)
Mezco Showroom - page 4 (Mez-Itz, Popeye)
Mezco Showroom - page 5 (Popeye, Tiki-Mon, Freedom)

February 21, 2002:
Bandai Press Images - page 1 (Alienators, Anime Collector, Cyclonian Eggbots)
Bandai Press Images - page 2 (Gundam, Hello Kitty)
Bandai Press Images - page 3 (Hello Kitty, Power Rangers)
bbi Showroom - page 1 (Cy Girls, Richard Marcinko, Freedom Force)
bbi Showroom - page 2 (WWII, Elite Force, Perfect Body, Body Builders)
bbi Showroom - page 3 (Elite Force, 1:18 scale figures)
bbi Showroom - page 4 (1:18, Blue Angels, Police, Fire, Soul Reaver, Dragoon)
bbi Showroom - page 5 (Perfect Dark, King of Fighters, Andromeda)
Binney and Smith Showroom - Crayola Crayon Maker
Stevenson Entertainment Showroom - SMITI
N2 Toys Showroom - page 1 (VIP, Ghost in the Shell, Zits, Matrix, Space Cadets)
N2 Toys Showroom - page 2 (Space Cadets, Mad Max, Big Trouble, the Tick)
N2 Toys Showroom - page 3 (the Tick, Croc Hunter, Disney)

February 20, 2002:
Equity Marketing Showroom - page 1 (Scooby Doo)
Equity Marketing Showroom - page 2 (Scooby Doo)
Equity Marketing Showroom - page 3 (Scooby Doo, Pink Panther, Robot Wars, fast food displays)
Playing Mantis Showroom - page 1 (Peanuts)
Playing Mantis Showroom - page 2 (Peanuts, Rudolph)
Achy Breaky Toys Showroom - Mullet Heads
Get Real Girls Showroom - Get Real Girls
Gearbox Showroom - 12" Action Figures
Toy Vault Showroom - Farscape, SpongeBob
Toy Biz Showroom - page 1 (Spider-Man and Friends)
Toy Biz Showroom - page 2 (More Spidey & Friends, Galadriel, Marvel Studios)
Toy Biz Showroom - page 3 (Marvel Studios, Marvel Legends)
Toy Biz Showroom - page 4 (Marvel Legends, Spidey)
Toy Biz Showroom - page 5 (Spidey)
Toy Biz Showroom - page 6 (Spider-Man Movie Figures)

February 17, 2002:
Plan B Showroom - page 1
Plan B Showroom - page 2
Toynami Showroom - page 1
NECA Showroom - page 1
Rocket USA Showroom - page 1
Spin Master Toys Showroom - page 1
LEGO Showroom - page 1
LEGO Showroom - page 2
LEGO Showroom - page 3
LEGO Showroom - page 4
LEGO Showroom - page 5
LEGO Showroom - page 6

February 16, 2002:
Art Asylum Showroom - page 1 (showroom, Gorillaz, MiniMates)
Art Asylum Showroom - page 2 (MiniMates, Dark Angel, Star Trek)
Art Asylum Showroom - page 3 (Star Trek)

February 14, 2002:
Hasbro Showroom - page 4 (Transformers)
Hasbro Showroom - page 5 (Transformers)
Hasbro Showroom - page 6 (Transformers, Butt Ugly Martians)
Hasbro Showroom - page 7 (ZOIDS)
Hasbro Showroom - page 8 (ZOIDS, Batman, Tonka, Magic the Gathering)

February 13, 2002:
21st Century Showroom - page 1
21st Century Showroom - page 2
21st Century Showroom - page 3
21st Century Showroom - page 4
21st Century Showroom - page 5
21st Century Showroom - page 6
Hasbro Showroom - page 1 (Joe vs. Cobra, 12" Joes)
Hasbro Showroom - page 2 (12" Joes, MIB2, Medabots)
Hasbro Showroom - page 3 (MIB2, Pokemon)

February 12, 2002:
Palisades Showroom - page 1
Palisades Showroom - page 2
Palisades Showroom - page 3
ToyCom Showroom - page 1
ToyCom Showroom - page 2

February 10, 2002:
Sideshow Toy Showroom - James Bond
Sideshow Toy Showroom - More Bond, Muppets Busts, Platoon, Balrog
Playmates Toys Showroom - Simpsons
Playmates Toys Showroom - Simpsons & Real Heroes
Moore Action Showroom - X-Files

Product Enterprise

Beyblade Toys
Dr. Who
Dragon's Lair 3D

PRESS RELEASES BY COMPANY: (These pages do not have pictures, but they are loaded with information about the product lines for 2002, in many cases including release dates and suggested retail prices.)

Action Products International
Record Toy Fair for APII

Caillou Goes to Australia

Hasbro & Tiger Electronics
"Gold Standards" - Joe, Tonka, Transformers
Hasbro's Hottest Brands
Beyblade Event at Times Square TRU
Beyblade Toys for 2002
Beyblade Toys Sold at Toys'R'Us
Disney Characters
Disney Wild Racers
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
FurReal Friends
Lilo & Stitch
Treasure Planet
Wally Getsa Wedgie

JAKKS Pacific
Toy Fair 2002 Line-up
Ice Age Plush
Junkyard Wars
Scorpion King
Spy Kids 2
WWF Fatal Four Way

Kid Galaxy
New Bendos for 2002
New Bendos Zoomers for 2002
KG Racer Automites

10th Anniversary
Electronic Arcade
Radio-Control Building Set
Themed Lincoln Logs

New for 2002
LEGO Imagination Center Wins Award

Little Kids
SpongeBob Squarepants

McFarlane Toys
MLB Baseball Figures

Hottest Toys for 2002
Barbie, other girls toys
Harry Potter
Jimmy Neutron
Masters of the Universe
Max Steel

Play Along
Care Bears
Spy Kids

Playmates Toys
New for 2002
Disney Princess Toys
The Simpsons

New Products for 2002
Themed Supersets

Patriotic Toys

Barbie(TM) Electronics

Rocket USA
Futurama URL

Sideshow Toy
the Peter Jackson Collection (WWI Figures)

Toy Industry Association
Toy Fair Opens (with estimates)
Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards

Trainfans, Inc.
Kayla & Alec Ride The Acela Express Train

BIONICLE Adventure game

Zapf Creations
New Products for 2002
Baby Annabell
Baby Born
Baby Born Miniworld
Maggie Raggies Sweetie Singer
Rock-A-Bye Chou Chou

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