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If there is one thing that kids love, it's to roll up their sleeves for real kid-powered fun. This year, Mattel re-introduces its classic reusable compound - but with a whole new way to play that delivers just that: Slime(TM)! Designed to appeal to both boys and girls, Slime offers an easy way for kids to collect all four of their favorite shapes and colors, and have a lot of high-flying fun too. Girls will love the bright, glittery colors and take-along appeal of OoZips(TM), while boys... well boys will be boys, and they'll love squeezing specially sculpted OoZits(TM) to make slime "drool" out of mouths or "run" out of noses. And they'll have even more fun launching colorful blobs of Slime from the OoZloop(TM) with their OoZooka(TM) to see how far they can make them go. Grabagobagoo(TM)!

SLIME(TM) OOZIPS(TM): Made especially for fun-loving girls in mind,Mattel's Slime(TM) OoZips is the only reusable compound that comes in a cool pouch that lets girls see, store and go anywhere with their Slime. Available in a variety of shapes - flower, butterfly, lips and heart - Slime OoZips come in six unique glittery colors. Each pouch is decorated with glitter and has a clip so girls can attach to belts and backpacks.
A.R.P.: $4.99 Age: 4+ Available: April

SLIME(TM) OOZITS(TM): Squishy brains, runny noses, bulging eyeballs... it's the stuff that boys are truly made of! Slime OoZits come in squeezable containers with funny body part toppers. Squeeze the container to ooze Slime out of the topper for funny "gross-out" play. Or, take off the topper to play with all the Slime inside. Available in four different topper shapes - mouth, nose, eyeball and brain - and four colors.
A.R.P.: $4.99 Age: 4+ Available: June

SLIME(TM) OOZLOOP(TM): The Slime(TM) OoZloop(TM) is the only reusable compound that comes with a squirting accessory for a new way to play. The OoZloop has four clear interlocking containers with colorful "drippy" lids, each containing a different color of Slime - green, blue, magenta and orange. The OoZooka(TM) is a blow-molded device that kids can use to suck up a blob of Slime, then squeeze it to launch the Slime harmlessly through the air.
A.R.P.: $10.99 Age: 5+ Available: June

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