U.S. Agent _Arctic Armor_ Century_ Hulkbuster Armor_ Titanium Man_ Tony Stark_ Dreadknight

An interesting series and perhaps the first inkling that the line might have been in trouble. A planned Iron Mar car with civilian Tony Stark was canceled. The most notable point was the withdrawal of the U.S. Agent figure (shown above). Thus, the assortment was trimmed back to 6 figures while staying at a 24 figure case packout. Century, Dreadknight and Titanium Man were all packed at 2 figures per case while the remaining figures were packed 6 per case. This disparity again led to perceived shortages and the shortpacked figures initially flew off the shelves. However, continued shipment and limited immediate secondary market interest soon helped these shortpacked figures to remain on the shelves for a longer time. Many even made it to clearance.

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