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Century is an alien who first appeared leading to earth the terrorizing alien race known as the Scatter. He was amnesiac when the Scarlet Witch and Force Works stumbled upon him and he joined their quest to stop the aliens' attempt at conquering the world. Century up and joined Forceworks soon after, then disappeared into thankful obscurity.

In my opinion, this figure is symptomatic of what goes wrong in these types of lines. Century is a bad character all the way around, and one that for all intents and purposes doesn't exist in the Marvel Universe anymore. Did kids really want this weird old guy as a figure? And to make it worse, there are many other characters who had not had good figures at the time this came out, such as Thor, Wonder Man, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, Vision (especially his white outfit), Hellcat, Ant-Man...the list goes on and on. A more powerful supporting cast may have staved off the line's early demise, which unfortunately was decided by the sales of the third series.




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