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As previously mentioned, the Iron Man line was canceled due to poor sales. Series IV barely made it into wide circulation before the line was no more. However, before Toy Biz had decided to scrap the entire line, one final assortment was shown. This series has become one of the most talked about groups of unreleased figures ever. Fans of the line clamored for a release of these figures somewhere (such as the exclusive Hall of Fame Series for example). Jesse Falcon of Toy Biz has said that they are looking for an appropriate venue for the Iron Man V set, but that they would be repainted in some manner.

Rather than just let the Series V molds fade into oblivion quietly Toy Biz revamped the bodies and armors and created new characters out of them for the Spider-Man: Techno Wars and X-Men: Mutant Armor series.

Click on a character for a run down of what we missed out on and what we actually got:

Dark Aegis _Radiation Armor_ Lava Armor _ Living Laser _ Magnetic Armor

For a nice look at the Unreleased Prototypes, check this page out.

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