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A fantastic leap in the infant technology of the day-transistors-Tony Stark's lifesaving suit is run by highly miniaturized, mighty electronic transistors. These transistors are the heart of the Iron Man armor, allowing not only compactness but a massive amplification of energy. Control of the armor was rendered by revolutionary transistor circuits that were coordinated to Stark's brainwaves--Just as his brain controls his own body, Tony could manipulate the armor with just a thought.

This is one of the best ways to get a "secret identity" figure into the line. Give him an endoskeleton and make it able to have the existing armor pieces from other figures snap on. It's neat that he comes with his special briefcase and a helmet that fits, even though only the front of the helmet is included.



Strangely, this wasn't the only Tony Stark figure to be planned for this assortment. Shown at Toy Fair '95 was a "quick change" car that came with a civilian Tony Stark figure dress in a coat and jeans. No reason was given for its cancellation, and it was only shown in one publication. Also interesting to note is that the unreleased figure has a different head from the one above. This piece remains the rarest of all the unreleased figures from the Iron Man line. We are presenting it here through the courtesy of Toy Biz. Enjoy!

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