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John Walker adopted the persona of the Super-Patriot, attempting to become a hero after getting strength enhancements. As a hero the Super-Patriot left much to be desired; but when the Commission On Superhero Activities replaced Steve Rogers, they offered John Walker the uniform and shield. However, he suffered a nervous breakdown following the death of his parents at the hands of the Watchdogs, becoming increasingly unstable, until the CSA asked Steve Rogers to return as Captain America. Taking the uniform which Steve Rogers had used as The Captain, the CSA redeployed Walker as US Agent,and forced the Avengers to add him to their roster. He later got this crappy outfit in ForceWorks. He has a pretty weird feature where you can push his energy shield up on his forearm, then let it go to watch it shoot out. Unfrtunately, there is nothing to hold it in place until it shoots.

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