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Professor Nathan Garrett, the evil Black Knight, had genetically engineered a winged horse and created an arsenal of weaponry, including a laser gun disguised as a medieval lance. Following the death of his master, Garrett's winged horse flew away and was eventually discovered by the Latverian scientist Bram Velsing. Velsing had once served Dr. Doom, but also plotted against him; as a result, Doom punished him by fusing a grotesque mask to his face. Adopting armor and weaponry reminiscent of Garrett's, Velsing became the criminal Dreadknight.

Although I like this figure, mainly because it is unusual looking and colorful, it does fall into that category of minor, largely unknown villain who probably helped kill the line. But at this point, Toy Biz probably should have reached into the bag of Avengers villains, as Iron Man's rogues gallery never really seemed to cross over into the Marvel Universe at large.




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