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The second assortment of Iron Man figures followed the formula of the first series very closely. Again, there were three armored figures (all Iron Man variants), three villains, and one of Iron Man's non-armored allies (Hawkeye, replacing the female figure of Spiderwoman). Another large assortment with seven figures. Initially, the villains and Hawkeye were difficult to find (presumably due to collector interest and thus, speculator interest as well). Adding to this shortage was the fact that Toy Biz had reduced the number of non-armored figures (i.e., mainly villains) per case due to the slow sales of the first series' non-armored characters. Fortunately, a steady stream of distribution eventually eliminated any rarity (actual or perceived) for this assortment. In a reversal from the first assortment, it was the armored figures that lasted longest on the shelves.

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