Miscellaneous Iron Man Toys

This section is kind of a grab bag of Iron Man stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Some of it is from the Toy Biz series, but most of it is random stuff that probably no one ever thought would see the light of day again. But our crack team of researchers have brought this amazing crap out into the open for all time! Enjoy!

Thanks to Michael Hawkins for a good chunk of the random crap.


Dragons (including Fin Fang Foom)
Chibi ("Big Head") Figures
Reissued Figures
Bowen Designs Busts & Statues
Animated Series Comics
Figural Stamper
Secret Wars Motorcycle
Wacky Parachuter
Bendable Toothbrush Holder
Candy Topper and Top
Mega Armor Figures
Comic Book Champions Pewter Figurine


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