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Now down to only 5 figures in the assortment (a company-wide trend, not limited to the Iron Man line), the Iron Man line was on shaky ground. Initially, this series was only found at KayBee Toys. Later, it could be found at Toys R Us but never really hit some of the major retailers like Target (who presumably dropped the line due to the backlog of previous series still lingering on their shelves, some not selling even at deep clearance prices). Even at retailers like KayBee and Toys R Us, this assortment hit clearance with near record speed. Unfortunately for Iron Man fans, this was to be the last series released. However, one more series was planned (see the Series 5 section for details). It is sad that the line had to end here, especially since the design was improving with riskier choices and dynamic execution.
Crimson Dynamo was the shortpack in this series. However, with interest in the line dwindling, even the shortpack was easily found almost immediately. Even though this series was not widely distributed, it couldn't have helped sales that there were basically 4 Iron Man figures and one armored villain. To add insult to injury, all of these armor variations were created for the toy line, while canon armors such as the original grey armor, the iconic 70s armor, and the John Byrne designed armor were ignored.

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