What would a Toy Biz line be without a Wolverine variation? They seem to creep up everywhere. And with this unreleased Iron Man line, the temptation was too great to resist. The final figure from this series, Magnetic Armor Iron Man, was transformed into just another Wolverine variation for the X-Men: Mutant Armor series. With the color-scheme radically changed and the addition of a Wolverine head, this figure rounded out the Mutant Armor figures.

The original paint scheme for the Magnetic Armor was refreshingly different. A bold use of color, but perhaps it was felt that it was just too much of a departure from the dark tones and primary colors that seem to permeate much of today's action figure market. Interestingly, the promo shots show a maroon paint job, while the actual figures that made it into production were more of a bright purple.

Magnetic Armor picture came from the Toy Biz Products Reference Guide.


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