An interesting juxtaposition here. The Lava Armor figure was to be released as another Tony Stark creation of sorts: the Vault Guardsman. As simply the Guardsman, this character was an Iron Man villain. However, through the miracle of modern comics, we now have a legion of these armored drones guarding a top level prison in the Marvel Universe. The original Iron Man figure for the unreleased Series V was done in black and red; a stunning difference to the nearly neon yellow and green combination for the Vault Guardsman figure that was to appear in the Spider-Man: Techno Wars line up.

Although a nice try, the figure doesn't quite completely capture the essence of the Vault Guardsman (and looks more like the character with the armor pieces removed than with them on). This is the most nearly complete release of a Series V figure. Strangely, the Vault Guardsman's head is actually that of the Radiation Armor Iron Man.


Lava Armor picture came from the Toy Biz Products Reference Guide.


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