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RTM Presents


April 23, 2003 - Vol. 3, No. 4

~ Welcome to RTMemo
~ Featured This Issue
        - Loads of busts and action figures!
~ News Highlights
~ From the Buzz
~ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz
~ From AllPosters.com - Matrix Reloaded
~ Toy Link of the Week
~ Non-Toy Link of the Week

------ Welcome to RTMemo ------

To all of our new subscribers, hello! To everyone who has been with us, welcome back!

Funny how when you stop doing something for a few weeks, you get out of the habit... it's been awhile since we've knocked at your inbox, so I'll stop droning on and get right to the links.

------ Featured This Issue ------

~ New in the Spotlight:

Hulk Movie Figures (series one) & the Roto Hulks

Marvel Select - Captain America, Elektra, Black Widow

Marvel Select - Origin Wolverine

Hanna-Barbera Adventure Superstars

Special Forces, mission 3

Battle of the Planets, series 2

Mega Beaker and Muppets, series 3

~ New in RTMisc

Alien Queen bust & Chest Burster statue

Rogues Gallery Vulture bust

Rogues Gallery Scorpion bust

Rogues Gallery Venom bust

GI Joe Baroness bust

GI Joe Roadblock bust

GI Joe Destro bust

Darth Vader bust

Weapon X bust

Symbiote Spider-Man bust

------ News Highlights ------

Mail-in Masters of the Universe Moss Man Offer
For a limited time, print out an order form to get a free Moss Man action figure when you purchase three Masters of the Universe figures. This Moss Man is a flocked Beast Man.

Marvel Select Venom Action Figure
Diamond Select Toys unveils the next figure in their Marvel Select series - Venom, which comes with Spider-Man webbed onto the wall of the diorama base.

JAKKS Pacific has a license to create a wide range of NASCAR toys and related items, including action figures and r/c vehicles.

DC Direct Super Friends
DC Direct announces two more sets of Super Friends action figures - Robin & the Riddler and Batman & Scarecrow.

Usagi Yojimbo Vinyl Figure
Dark Horse reveals their upcoming 8-inch vinyl figure of Usagi Yojimbo.

Justice League & Sargento Snacks
The Justice League is turning up in all sorts of places in 2003, including on cheese products. Save the UPCs and mail in for JL goodies.

Diamond Select Toys Update
A few tidbits about Marvel Select action figures and Marvel MiniMates.

Mighty Mouse Mini Maquette
Electric Tiki expands their series of Teeny Weeny Mini Maquettes with the addition of Mighty Mouse.

Want to Be on TV?
If you have "vintage" footage of you or your siblings playing with military toys when you were kids, two television producers would like to see it.

As always, these are just a few of the news highlights from the past week. To see all the news, check the main news index and the latest archives:

------ From the Buzz ------

Voyagers has spotted Mattel Batman 2-packs on clearance at Target:

Starscream49 wonders what were your biggest regrets or mistakes as a collector:

Iron-Cow asks about the story behind your user name:

Jules the Hitman with a Fro posts a custom 12-inch Anakin from Episode II:

(The posts on the Buzz last only a few days, so if you are reading this more than two or three days after this issue of RTMemo was sent out, the posts will likely be gone.)

------ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz ------

Daniel is looking for a ToyFare Faker:

Battoys is selling Batman and DC stuff:

Post your buy/sell/trade "classified ad" on the Shop Center:

------ From AllPosters.com ------

AllPosters.com has a nice selection of posters from the Matrix Reloaded, yet all of them look like I took the pictures of the people:

------ Toy Link of the Week ------

The Claw Machine Blog
PMK's forum for discussing claw machine toys: locations of claw machines, prizes won, and anything else you can think of relating to claw machines. All I know is that I stink at playing with the claw machines and adore the Aliens from Toy Story:

------ Non-Toy Link of the Week ------

Lt. Smash
An online journal written by a US military reserve officer deployed overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Out of necessity, some of the entries are vague, but they offer a bit of insight into current events.

The Primary Main Objective...
Another online journal written by another officer currently deployed to roughly the same region. The author of this site knows "Lt. Smash" and in some of the entries on each site, they reference each other.

Perpetual Repeat Link: Opt-out of the X-10 Pop-up Ads
Are the pop-up ads for the X-10 cameras bugging you? Go to this page on their site to get a cookie for your browser - the cookie will prevent the pop-up ad for a month.

------ In Closing ------

Thank you for subscribing to RTMemo and for reading the Raving Toy Maniac.

(To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please use the "un-sub" function on the RTMemo box found on the front page of RTM, or reply to this email with "unsubscribe RTMemo" in the subject line.)

- the RTM Staff

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