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Weapon X Bust

weapon x mini bust

In mathematics, X is usually reserved for the unknown, the thing you wish to discover. In comics, the letter X has been taken to new extremes. There are plenty of books that start with X, and X is the start of one of Marvel's biggest comics franchises - the X-Men. That X stands for extraordinary and extra, as they all have unusual gifts. It also happens to be the first letter of Xavier, the group's founder Professor X, and perhaps he used it with a little vanity in mind. For Wolverine, X definitely marks the spot.

Wolverine's history has been one mystery compounded upon another, and the truth about him has always been shadowed in doubt. However, there are two tales that seem to be the foundation of the truth behind the character. One was told in Origin, and this was the 'true story of Wolverine's origin'. Origin has been fertile ground for merchandising with one bust from Dynamic Forces and also an action figure in the Marvel Select line. The other is the Weapon X saga, and this one has its share of merchandise that is now joined by a new bust from Dynamic Forces.

weapon x mini bust

Marvel Comics Presents was an anthology book, and it allowed some of the characters in the Marvel stable to have new stories without committing to a new series or mini-series. The anchor for this series was based on solo stories of the X-Men, then the most popular comic being published. Wolverine was the character tapped to inaugurate the series, since he was not only one of the X-Men, but also one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Much later in the run, Marvel called upon Barry Windsor-Smith to write and draw a key piece of Wolverine's past. This story became the Weapon X saga, and was originally published in Marvel Comics Presents # 72-84.

The story covers the events and process of transforming the man that becomes Wolverine into a deadly weapon by bonding adamantium (an unbreakable metal) to his skeleton. One of the interested parts of this process is that it is implied that claws were then inserted into his hands, but as we learn later they are just part of his mutation and that the claws were granted by Mother Nature. The process is dangerous and painful, and is undertaken covertly by the Canadian government. It seems that Wolverine is an unwilling participant in the experiment, and he was chosen because he has a mutant healing factor that will give him a much better chance to survive. The down side of his survival is the fact that he just might not like what they've done to him.

weapon x mini bust

When he breaks loose from the containment unit where they are fusing adamantium to his skeleton, Wolverine is more feral and mad than ever. Once free he damages the lab and heads for the woods, where he can hide and try to regain his wits since he's running nearly entirely on instinct. He's discovered by a Canadian couple (the Hudsons) on their honeymoon who serendipitously turn out to work for the Canadian government. Okay, the husband works for the government and his wife was innocent in the matter.

From here he is rehabilitated by the two, and he falls in love with Heather Hudson, whose husband James would later head up Alpha Flight. Wolverine continues to work for the Canada for a time under the names Wolverine and Weapon X, and he fights various threats in Canada, including the Hulk and Wendigo. When Professor Xavier of the X-Men asks him to join his new team, Weapon X drops Canada like yesterday's trash, and the rest is part of X-Men lore.

weapon x mini bustWhat has been frozen in this bust is the moment of freedom when Wolverine bursts free from the experiment and goes on a rampage. Dynamic Forces has always used the artistic styles straight from the comics as a basis for their designs, and this bust is a sterling example of that dedication. The art of Barry Windsor-Smith is evident in the sculpting, and his style has been captured perfectly. The design of the bust covers the upper half of Wolvie's body, with only the right arm visible. That arm does have the brand spankin' new adamantium claws extended over his head and the other arm is buried in the muck. And muck is right, as the body rises out of a pool of green liquid that stains parts of the body and the broken glass surrounding the figure. You'll want to be very careful because this bust is dangerous, with pointy plastic, probes and broken wires and those claws sticking out. The detailing and paint work are both top-notch.

weapon x mini bust
See the
Big Picture
The Dynamic Forces series of busts are some of the largest ones on the market, and this particular one is around eight inches tall. This is substantially bigger than Bowen's bust work, and noticeably bigger than Diamond Select's busts, so you'll need to set aside a little extra space for this one on your display shelf.

The men who performed these experiments on Wolverine may remain unknown, but the perpetrators in this bust were kind enough to leave their names. Dynamic Forces has manufactured 1991 (the year that Weapon X ran in Marvel Comics Presents) of these busts based on designs by Martin Canale and Juan Bobillo. The sculpting was completed by Martin Canale and Pablo Viggiano with the paint completed by Martin Canale. The only name on the box more than Martin Canale is Weapon X. Barely!

In addition to the regular version of this bust, there is a Totally Ballistic Bust to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dynamic Forces. This addition will be signed by Nick Barucci, the president of Dynamic Forces. The best part about it is that this will be done at no extra charge, except the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome to poor Nick after signing his name so much. The regular version is available now, and the Totally Ballistic Bust is scheduled for release in May.

weapon x mini bust

More Pictures of Weapon X

Where to buy Weapon X: The Weapon X bust is a limited edition of 1,991 and retails in the $89.99 USD price range. It is available through Dynamic Forces, as well as various online toy and collectible retailers and your local comic book store.

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