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swc12_tnBB.jpg Issue #12 April 1985

Title: ...Nothing to Fear...

Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Michael Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Editor: Tom DeFalco

As we begin this final double-sized issue, all 21 Heroes are dead, obliterated by Dr. Doom’s new power. There is nothing to stop him now. However, the Klaw begins to peck away at Doom’s self-confidence. Meanwhile, the Villains are on their way back to Earth courtesy of the Molecule Man’s powers. The Enchantress uses her powers to discover what has happened back on the Battleworld. Discovering Doom’s plans, she decides that she must do her best to warn Asgard. She attempts to steal Volcana’s life essence to obtain the necessary power, but she is defeated by the other Villains.

Klaw continues his psychological warfare, planting doubts in Doom’s mind about the death of the Heroes. Klaw paints a scenario in which the alien healer Zsaji discovers the body of her lover Colossus and restores him. In turn, he finds the body of Reed Richards which was less shredded due to its elastic nature. Using the machines in the healing chamber, Colossus is able to revive Reed Richards who is able to revive the rest of the Heroes.

With his newly found powers, if Doom were to believe this scenario even for an instant, the Heroes would be restored because of his ability to warp reality. And apparently, it works! Just then, Thor’s hammer comes bursting onto the scene and the Heroes are back with a vengeance! Not yet able to control his new powers, Doom gives some of his power to Klaw to fight the Heroes. Klaw restores Ultron as his first line of attack and reinforces him with an army of Kirby-esque creatures. While these creatures occupy the Heroes, Captain America makes a break for Doom himself. However, he is confronted by the newly energized Klaw. One blast of Klaw’s power breaks Captain America’s shield, but Cap is still able to slip by Klaw on his way to confront Doom.

Angered by Captain America’s insolence, Doom destroys him. But, he is miraculously restored and comes at him again only to be disintegrated again. And yet Captain America comes back yet another time! As Doom begins to lose control of his powers, it is revealed that the mysterious energy force inside the Klaw is actually the remains of the Beyonder. In this moment of weakness, the Beyonder reclaims his power from the failing Doom.

Both the Beyonder and Dr. Doom disappear. The Heroes regroup. Wounds are healed. Losses are mourned. As the Beyonder had promised, the winners of the battle would be granted their greatest desires. Cap’s shield is restored and Reed Richards figures out how to send them all home. All save one. The Thing decides to remain behind in hopes of discovering how to transform back to his human state. She-Hulk will take his place on the Fantastic Four team.

In groups, all the Heroes are transported away, leaving only Benjamin J. Grimm.

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