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swc11_tnBB.jpg Issue #11 March 1985

Title: ...And Dust to Dust!

Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Michael Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Nelson Yomtov
Editor: Tom DeFalco

Doom claims to have killed the Beyonder. With his newly acquired powers, he approaches both the Heroes and the Villains. However, he does not destroy them, instead claiming to have a more noble purpose now that he has become the most powerful entity in the universe. However, he does help the recovered Molecule Man realize that his powers are greater than he had first imagined. With this new insight, the Molecule Man ferries the Villains away in Volcana�s apartment and heads toward Earth, against the protest of some of the other Villains.

Also in this issue, a mysterious energy force is seen to enter the Hulk. Recently, the Hulk has been seen to be returning to his more savage nature and while sleepwalking the energy force leapfrogs into the new Spiderwoman. Meanwhile, Doom issues an invitation to the Heroes to visit his Tower of Doom. At this summit, he announces that he is no longer interested in domination. He explains how his new powers have made him turn over a new leaf. As an example of his new good will, Doom restores Kang whom he had disintegrated in issue #4. Doom promises to set all things right and the Heroes take their leave to consider his offer.

However, Spiderwoman tarries behind as the Heroes leave. She surprises Klaw and the energy force residing within her is now transferred to him. Meanwhile, Colossus and Zsaji the alien healer nearly consummate their relationship. At a roundtable meeting of the Heroes, it is decided that they must take a stand against the newly self-appointed deity, Dr. Doom. However, before they can even plan their attack, they are all completely destroyed in a huge explosion!

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