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Secret Wars Limited Series Issue Guide

swc6_tnBB.jpg Issue #6 October 1984

Title: A Little Death...

Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Michael Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Editor: Tom DeFalco

This issue opens with the recently lost Wasp piloting her ship through trackless swamps where she meets up with the wounded Lizard. Befriending him (as much as possible considering his sub-human nature), the Wasp and Lizard are attacked by the Villains. The Wasp is mortally wounded, driving the Lizard to attack the Villains. He is subdued and captured.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doom is probing Galactus� ship to identify the sentient energy he detected. To his surprised, he reinstates the master of sound, the Klaw. The Klaw had been imprisoned in Galactus� ship since his apparent demise at the hands of Dazzler.

On the homefront, the Heroes regroup to try to deal with both Galactus and the Villains. Johnny and Zsaji become closer, though Zsaji heals Colossus, adding to the love triangle that has developed. Professor X and Storm have a heated exchange over who should lead the X-Men. For the moment, Storm bends to the Professor�s will, but she remains defiant. In the meantime, Cyclops, Rogue and Wolverine attempt to stop the Villains plans with an all out attack. In the process, Wolverine severely injures the Molecule Man. Only a blast from Cyclops stops Wolverine from killing the Molecule Man as the Villains retreat.

And as an added bit of mystery, there is a shadowy figure seen lurking on the last panel. Friend or foe? The secret is revealed in the very next issue.

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