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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Bottleimp's Customs


Bottleimp can be contacted at [email protected]


Green Lantern: Mosaic costume
John Stewart head on a Kyle Rayner body—the hair was sculpted on and the shoulders were bulked up to match the Green Lantern body type. Comic book aficionados will recognize the design as John Stewart’s costume from the short-lived “Green Lantern Mosaic” comic of the
early 1990’s.

Black Panther
Atom-Smasher head with sculpted ears on a Metamorpho body.

Sinestro figure with the top of the noggin sliced off and
replaced with the hair from an Arkis Chummuck figure. I should have sanded
down the belt line on Sinestro, but that’s laziness for you.

NovaThe body was a 6-POA Green Lantern with the elbow and knee joints
superglued, shaved down, and resculpted, and the head came from a Batman
with a sculpted helmet. The star is cut plastic.

Scarlet Witch
The body is from a Black Canary, which I sliced in half at
the midriff, glued a 1/8’ plastic bit in between the halves, and sculpted
over to give a little more height. The arms are from an Anastasia figure,
which I used for the long gloves and the fact that the hands are a little
more interesting for hex-casting poses. The head and cape came from a
Wonder Woman, and the headpiece is vinyl, with a sculpted lock of hair
falling over it.

The Riddler body from "The Batman" toy line with the head of a
Martian Manhunter, sculpted over the nose, smoothed out the Riddler’s
costume lines, and sculpted the hood, cloak, gloves, sash and boots. I’m
really happy with the way this turned out—it’s a great design for such a
lame character.

The Question
Here’s my version thrown into the ring of recipes on the
web—I started with a Mattel Two-Face body, since it seems to be closest in
design and scale. The legs were cut and repositioned slightly to make the
stance a little narrower, as well as to shorten them slightly. The arms
were cut away just below the shoulder joint and replaced with those of a
Wild Card Joker. The head came from a Kyle Rayner figure with some
sculpting was done to smooth out the features and add a little mass to the
back of the head. The hat came from a Mattel Scarface, though it had to be
heavily reshaped. The coat was made from vinyl with the collar cut from a
Bruce Wayne trench coat.

A Lex Luthor body with an Orion head, with sculpting done for
the helmet, gloves and shoulder pads. The cuffs on the sleeves are vinyl,
the symbol is two pieces of cut plastic, and the gun from the Luthor harness
was glued to the belt.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt
An Atom with sculpted hair and boot cuffs and
belt made from vinyl. I love this striking costume design.

Made from a Copperhead with the tail removed and the head replaced
with that of an Amazo figure.

Hawkgirl with sculpted skirt, sleeves, gloves, boots and hair.
The belt is made from vinyl, as is the mask. The legs had to be superglued
in place, but I figure sacrificing the articulation is worth it for a decent

Katma Tui figure with sculpted hair.
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