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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Bottleimp's Customs


Bottleimp can be contacted at [email protected]


Shining Knight

Mattel seems to have a knack for doing things half-assed. I love that they made a Shining Knight figure and took the time to make the tunic, but the tiny face is ridiculous (especially when taken in with the Knight's rather phallic helmet). My solution was to slice off the silly little face and replace it with the face from a Superman. Some sculpting was done to smooth out the seam, and I also opted to sculpt on the wristbands rather than simply painting them. Since he is the SHINING Knight, I gave his gold armor the good old iridescent treatment for a slight metallic sheen. A fairly simple custom, but I feel it's a huge improvement
over the original toy. Now all he needs is a sword...

I repainted the face to make the eyes a little more accurate. I hated the look of the drawn-on bowtie, so I sanded it off and replaced it with a tie from the animated series Ventriloquist figure. Another simple-but-effective improvement.

Ms. Marvel
Wonder Woman (the second version sculpt by Mattel) with all the costume details smoothed out, hair from a Black Canary, and a sash made from vinyl and plastic.

Hawkgirl body with the head from a Black Canary (which was smooth featured enough to paint the mask over without looking weird). The legs and torso were smoothed down, and the hair was taken from the Riddler figure from “The Batman” line and trimmed and resculpted slightly.

Commander Steel
An Orion body with the head of a Hawk figure and sculpted ears. The star was cut from thin plastic using a star-shaped hole punch, then glued onto the chest.

Thor began as an exercise in trying to make use of all those elbow-and-knee-jointed figures that come with the three-packs (I hate the extra joints; I think they spoil the clean aesthetic of Bruce Timm’s designs). I started with a Superman body and swapped the legs for those of a Batman for a little more height. I then superglued the elbow and knee joints in place. The joints were then shaved down a little and smoothed over with super sculpey. The helmet was sculpted, the wings were taken from the helmet of a Total Justice Hawkman, the hair is a combination of Aquaman’s and superflex sculpey. The flared shoulders came from a Green Arrow, the discs on the torso were cut out of plastic and glued into place, the tops of the boots are vinyl, and the hammer was made with the head of the hammer from a JLU Steel reshaped and set on a random plastic piece.

Kilowog body (which still has a neck peg rattling around inside it, alas) with sculpted boots and gloves and a belt made from vinyl and plastic. The head is a Lex Luthor with sculpted wings. I used Lex’s head because I think it conveys the arrogance which I remember USAgent having in John Byrne’s run of West Coast Avengers, and the larger body because I seem to remember him having more super-strength than Captain America. I thought it would make a nice contrast instead of just repeating my Cap custom. The shield came from a Superhero Showdown Cap with the star sanded down and the whole thing repainted.

The Vision
Waverider (great generic base figure) with the flame removed, head filled in with sculpey, a cut vinyl diamond symbol on the chest, and a drop of acrylic molding paste for the gem on the forehead. The cape came from Dr. Fate with a collar from a Martian Manhunter glued in place and blended together with epoxy.

Wonder Man
Wonder Man’s torso and arms came from a Steel figure who had donated his
legs for my Iron Man custom. I slapped a pair of Green Arrow legs in their place (the boots are a perfect match for Wonder Man’s during the Byrne WCA era). Then I realized that Green Arrow’s legs are freaky long, so I had to chop about 3/16” out of each thigh to bring the height down to fit in with the rest of the figures. The head is a reshaped Superman, the wristbands are sculpted, and the belt is a combination of vinyl and plastic and some random plastic bits for the two jets on the sides..

Green Arrow
The scale of the Mattel Green Arrow really bothered me-- it's as tall as Martian Manhunter! So when I saw that Mirror Master had the same boots as GA, I decided to make an obsessive-compulsive scale-accurate custom. I cracked open Mirror Master's torso and replaced to arms with GA's, as well as the head (which I had to make a neck peg for). The collar was sculpted, the tunic was made from vinyl, and the belt buckle was made out of plastic. I glued GA's quiver onto the back, then I finished it off with a more on-model paint job.

Martian Manhunter
I'm surprised it took me this long to fix one of Mattel's
most inaccurately colored figures. Aside from the paint job, I also sliced
about 1/16" from the legs (just under the boot cuffs) to bring the height
down just a bit.
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