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RTM Presents


June 26, 2003 - Vol. 3, No. 7

~ Welcome to RTMemo
~ Featured This Issue
        - Contest: Marvel MiniMates
        - Marvel MiniMates Spotlight
        - Jason Choy Interview
        - Ultimate Nick Fury Bust
        - Twilight Zone Invader
        - Boba Fett Bust
~ News Highlights
~ From the Buzz
~ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz
~ From WBShop.com - super hero floor mats
~ Toy Link of the Week
~ Non-Toy Link of the Week

------ Welcome to RTMemo ------

We said this last time, but that was a month ago, and we need to say it again... Are you planning to attend any of the summer conventions this year? Don't forget to plan ahead! Make your hotel reservations, book your travel plans, and pre-register for the conventions. Pre-registering cuts down on the lines you'll have to wait in, and can often save you money over the admission fees at the door.

------ Featured This Issue ------

Contest: Marvel MiniMates
Enter between now and Monday the 30th (at noon Eastern time) for a complete set of Series One Marvel MiniMates:

Spotlight: Marvel MiniMates
Curious to know more about the first batch of Marvel MiniMates? The Spotlight has plenty of pictures and information:

Jason Choy Interview
John Wong of Action-HQ.com has a sit-down with Jason Choy of Ching&Co to learn more about Ching Head, Chung Shan, and plans for the future, in Figuratively Speaking:

RTMisc: Ultimate Nick Fury Bust
RTMisc visits the Ultimate Universe with the Ultimate Nick Fury bust from Diamond Select:

Spotlight: Twilight Zone Invader
The RTM Spotlight runs for the hills when the Invader arrives! The Invader is part of the Twilight Zone series from Sideshow Toy:

RTMisc: Boba Fett Bust
RTMisc wonders how Boba Fett keeps his Wookiee scalps so shiny and manageable, at least in his mini bust format from Gentle Giant and Dark Horse:

------ News Highlights ------

GI Joe 40th Anniversary Figures
Hasbro is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of GI Joe with replicas of the first four GI Joe action figures from 1964:

Kingdom Come, Series 3
Pictures of the third series of Kingdom Come action figures from DC Direct - Armored Wonder Woman, Magog, Deadman, and the Flash:

Handheld Sega Games at McDonald's
The Happy Meal promotion from June 27th to July 24th will be handheld electronic games based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball:

Topps to Acquire WizKids
The "collectable miniatures game" company is to be purchased by Topps, best known for its trading cards:

TX Chromed Polystone Mini-Head
So, you like the Terminatrix endoskeletion from T3 but the $499 full-size electronic prop replica doesn't fit your budget? How about a 1:6th scale chromed polystone mini-head? For $15?

Hanna-Barbera 2-packs
Pictures from Toynami of the Birdman & Avenger and Dynomutt & the Blue Falcon action figure 2-packs:

Fleischer Superman Maquette
DC Direct announces a Superman maquette based on the Fleischer Studios animated shorts of the 1940s:

Transforming Escaflowne
Toycom announces their Transforming Escaflowne figure, with images of it in armor and dragon forms:

As always, these are just a few of the news highlights from recently posted news. To see all the news, check the main news index and the latest archives:

------ From the Buzz ------

L reviews the 5th Harry Potter book, WITH SPOILERS, so don't read this thread if you don't want to be spoiled:

Tim has reviewed the Justice League Trading Cards:

Dare shares a few "quickie custom" figures:

Russ reports on what is new at Suncoast:

(The posts on the Buzz last only a few days, so if you are reading this more than two or three days after this issue of RTMemo was sent out, the posts will likely be gone.)

------ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz ------

Todd has DC Cosmic Justice HeroClix to trade:

Leonardotdragon is moving - here's Part One of his sale list, Playmates Star Trek figures:

Post your buy/sell/trade "classified ad" on the Shop Center:

------ From WBShop.com ------

The WBShop.com has a selection of floormats with your favorite characters and logos on them, including Batman, Superman, Scooby Doo, and Looney Tunes characters:

------ Toy Link of the Week ------

Off the Card
Off the Card is a new action figure site with reference images of figures which are, well, off the card, so that you can see them from all sides and all of their accessories. Look around and then pop into their forums to say hello:

------ Non-Toy Link of the Week ------

Hotel Pilferage - When Is It Theft?
With the summer convention season upon us, and lots of collectors staying in hotels, this is a good time to review what you can and can't take home with you when you stay in a hotel:

------ In Closing ------

Thank you for subscribing to RTMemo and for reading the Raving Toy Maniac.

(To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please use the "un-sub" function on the RTMemo box found on the front page of RTM, or reply to this email with "unsubscribe RTMemo" in the subject line.)

- the RTM Staff

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