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RTM Presents


May 22, 2003 - Vol. 3, No. 6

~ Welcome to RTMemo
~ Featured This Issue
        - Hong Kong Interviews
        - Silver Age Angel Statue
        - Marvel Select Black Cat
        - Daredevil Bust
        - S-Mart Ash
        - Rogue's Gallery Sunfire Bust
~ News Highlights
~ From the Buzz
~ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz
~ From WBShop.com - beach towels
~ Toy Link of the Week
~ Non-Toy Link of the Week

------ Welcome to RTMemo ------

Are you planning to attend any of the summer conventions this year? Don't forget to plan ahead! Make your hotel reservations, book your travel plans, and pre-register for the conventions. Pre-registering cuts down on the lines you'll have to wait in, and can often save you money over the admission fees at the door.

------ Featured This Issue ------

Figuratively Speaking: Hong Kong Interviews
Want to know what is happening on the Hong Kong toy scene? John Wong of Action-HQ.com talks to toy designers from several companies, in Figuratively Speaking.

RTMisc: Silver Age Angel Statue
RTMisc celebrates the opening day of the second X-Men movie with a look at Angel, the third statue in the Silver Age X-Men series from Diamond Select.

Spotlight: Marvel Select Black Cat
The RTM Spotlight catches Spider-Man peeking at the Marvel Select Black Cat action figure from Diamond Select Toys.

RTMisc: Daredevil Bust
RTMisc scopes out Matt Murdock when he isn't looking - or at least the Marvel Universe bust of his alter-ego Daredevil from Diamond Select Toys.

Spotlight: S-Mart Ash
The RTM Spotlight hails the king, baby: the S-Mart Ash action figure from Sideshow Toy's Army of Darkness series.

RTMisc: Rogue's Gallery Sunfire Bust
RTMisc stares directly into the sun, or at least into the Sunfire bust, part of the Rogue's Gallery series from Diamond Select Toys.

------ News Highlights ------

Capcom vs SNK2 Figures
In the same week that Palisades announced that they are not doing Street Fighter action figures, High Dream announced a doll line and an action figure line based on Capcom vs SNK2:

Mezco Convention Exclusives
Mezco has announced three exclusives available at the San Diego Comic Con: two packs of Mez-Itz (Dick Tracy and Predator) and a Living Dead Doll:

Summer Con Exclusive Keldor
Mattel announces a Keldor action figure for their Masters of the Universe series. Keldor will be available at the San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World Chicago:

SDCC Exclusive Pewter Pinhead
NECA announces a Pewter Pinhead action figure which will be sold exclusively at the 2003 San Diego Comic Con:

DC Direct Pocket Super Heroes
DC Direct announces three new sets of Pocket Super Heroes: Ultra Boy & Phantom Girl, Silver Age Kid Flash & Aqualad, and Shazam & Sivana:

The Matrix MMP in 2004
E3 was last week, and one of the more interesting bits of news to come out of the event is the 2004 launch of a massively multiplayer online game based on the Matrix films. Anyone else find that concept ironic and a tad spooky?

Legally Blonde 2: Barbie as Elle
No, you don't have to actually see the movie to want the doll. This Barbie is decked out just like Reese Witherspoon in the film, and includes a wee dog in a matching pink outfit:

K'NEX MechWarrior: Dark Age
K'NEX announces three new building sets - electronic armor MechWarrior: Dark Age sets with lights and sounds:

James Bond: 14" Jaws Figure
Sideshow announces a BIG Bond villain - a 14-inch action figure of Jaws:

As always, these are just a few of the news highlights from the past week. To see all the news, check the main news index and the latest archives:

------ From the Buzz ------

Pisces has questions about attending the San Diego Comic Con:

Mom Racer found Peanuts bobbleheads:

Emerje has thoughts about the Soundwave/Buzzsaw re-issue:

Absolut Collector reminds us where to find the "Batman" Tech Dude:

(The posts on the Buzz last only a few days, so if you are reading this more than two or three days after this issue of RTMemo was sent out, the posts will likely be gone.)

------ From the ShopCenter/MarketBuzz ------

Jeff has loose Famous Covers for sale:

President Luthor needs Beta Ray Bill, among other Marvel figures:

Post your buy/sell/trade "classified ad" on the Shop Center:

------ From WBShop.com ------

Summer will soon be here, and some lucky folks will be able to venture out onto the beaches - why not go armed with a Batman or Superman logo towel? Or Scooby Doo? Harry Potter?

------ Toy Link of the Week ------

Send in your suggestions for the Toy Link of the Week - if no one sends me any links, I'll go back to my bookmarks for the next issue. And that can only mean more girly/doll sites. :-)

Comic Convention Guide
POV Online has a list of useful tips for attending a comic book convention. Veterans might not need this list, but if you haven't attended a con before, or have only attended smaller shows, this is a must-read: http://www.povonline.com/ConGuide.htm

------ Non-Toy Link of the Week ------

Janis Ian MP3 Downloads
Janis Ian offers free mp3 downloads on her official site, with more songs added every so often. So if you are looking for free music and don't want to have to feel guilty about it, she has 12 songs currently available:

Don't want to listen to her music? Read why she has the free downloads on her site - an essay taking on the music industry's current attitude:

------ In Closing ------

Thank you for subscribing to RTMemo and for reading the Raving Toy Maniac.

(To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please use the "un-sub" function on the RTMemo box found on the front page of RTM, or reply to this email with "unsubscribe RTMemo" in the subject line.)

- the RTM Staff

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