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Symbiote Crisis

The Age of Caenman Custom figure workshop brings you this new Marvel/DC cross-over collector's line, and totally exclusive to CustomCon.

Character designs are all original to Caenman, inspired from the classic Marvel Symbiotes and the DC characters.

Symbiote Crisis

In the fallout of the collisions of realities that brought together the worlds of the Earth's superpowers not everything fit together as first thought. In the gaps between realities are doorways: Portals that no one realizes are there, except the things that crawl from the other side. These things long for hosts, and here in the DCU the potential hosts are powerful.

Will the DCU heroes figure out how to fight these Marvel creatures with seemingly no mind, no substance, and ones that brings such chaos!

The Joker

The Joker is the personification of chaos and the last being in the DCU that needs to meet the symbiotes, but when the Joker willingly bonds with the alien ooze, chaos is hardly enough to describe what happens next. Residual "joker-juice" in Joker's blood is as toxic to the symbiote as all other creatures but only the mind of the alien is killed and Joker erupts in hysterical delight at his new form. He now morphs his body to match his mind in all its twisted beauty.

This may just be the ultimate comedy the Joker has been looking for: The greatest known weapon to fight the symbiote threat is the Joker's own "Joker Venom"... pun intended!


Harley Quinn

"Oh, Mr. Jay" Quinn cries out in her own ear-piercing way. "Don't go without me!"

With the Joker off playing in his new form and Poison Ivy back in Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn has nowhere to turn. Out of her sheer despair Quinn finds her own symbiote in the vain desire to keep up with her beloved Joker.

But the gag is Quinn has never had such a deep connection with anyone as she does this fascinating creature, so... why bother with the Joker now she is complete and more capable than any other of her villain peers?


Robin and his predecessor, Nightwing, are hit hardest when their mentor and rock, Batman, succumbs to the new alien threat. In their efforts to save Batman from himself the two heroes develop the first weapons to tackle the symbiotes. Despite their best laid plans this new Batman is too fast, just too good for the wonder duo.

In a last desperate play Robin adapts a sonic shield to his costume and accepts to be host to his own symbiote. Knightwing keeps his finger on the sonic shield trigger and with the first signs of loosing Robin to the alien mind he can ward it off the young apprentice.

Now faster and stronger Robin is now on par with the great Batman only this boy wonder is in full control. But before he can save the Batman he must save his greatest enemies from the dark crusader.

The Batman

In an ostensibly rudimentary clash with one Poison Ivy, Batman shakes off the effects of her toxins as he cuffs her and signals for the commissioner. He does not notice the black ooze on his cape, and back in the cave, fatigued; he sleeps it off in the Batmobile. The Batman wakes, refreshed; if he was not still in the car he would have thought Alfred changed him into a new suit. No time to wonder as the alarms go off. Batman moves faster, almost before he hears any sirens. In fact, he hears everything, almost like... a bat!

Ivy's toxins were exactly what the symbiote need to get its claws into the mind of the world's greatest detective. Not suit has made Batman move, react, and adapt like this one. Batman was too active to notice in his mind how was he to know he was being taken over.

What happens when Batman cares for chaos more than he does justice... more than does the Joker?


Superman is in awe of his new suit. While in battle with Lex Luther, who is sporting the latest in his kryptonite armor, Superman suffers no effect from the crippling kryptonite radiation protected by the new and strange fluid costume. Luther's armor is shattered and he makes haste his escape. While the man of steel gathers up all the fragments of the crystal he does not see nor hear the symbiote absorb into itself a splinter of green gem. This is the key to Superman's bloodstream and his powers.

If you can; imagine Superman even more powerful with more abilities than ever. Kal-El however, will not give in to injustice, instead Superman focuses his new aggressive side toward his foes. Teamed with his ever faithful Krypto, Bizarro is the next to fall to this new tsunami of justice.

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