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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Mat Planet's Customs


Mat can be contacted at [email protected]


While the upcoming DCSH Catwoman looks fantastic, I’ve had this project planned for a long time and finally decided to go through with it. My Catwoman uses the DCD Hush Catwoman’s head, hands, feet and upper torso, with the lower torso ab crunch and waist of the FF movie Invisible Woman, plus ML Psylocke’s legs and ML Black Widow’s arms. She has a tiny bit of cut vinyl stuck on her front for the zipper. She uses the Hush Catwoman’s whip and goggles, Spawn Domina’s bracelets, AA’s Dark Angel’s backpack and Kaiyodo Vash’s kitty.

The point was to make her compatable with and on par with the DCSH Batgirl, who I believe is one of the very best articulated females in this scale, as well as to go well with my Batman. Hard to see from the pics, but her gloves and boots are much glossier black.


Like many other Daredevils out there, mine uses the ML Bullseye body and the ML Dr. Strange head. I also used the large hands of a movie Mr. Fantastic and the boots of another one. I ended up using the forearms of a SMC Hobgoblin because they fit those hands well. The texture had to be removed. A little Scupy makes the belt and after the whole thing was painted (after a lot of paintrub areas were sanded down - it has to be posable!) a cut vinyl DD emplem was attached to the chest after it was painted with the same red gloss spraypaint used on the gloves and boots.


Dr. Fate
I always wanted to make a Dr. Fate like this. This is much like his appearance in Kingdom Come, where the helmet and amulet no longer need a human host, as well as having the big collar look of the animated Dr. Fate. Big shout out to Bigbadvoodoolou for getting me the helmet and amulet from the first DCD Dr. Fate which have that nice chrome finish. The cape was taken from a Spawn series 26 issue 7 toy which I had already cut the bottom off to shorten it for use with my Spawn toy. This had the collar added to it which was the top part of a water bottle then added to w/ sculpy. Added the ML Dr. Strange gloves which were modified w/ Sculpy and attached them with posts to the cape. The helmet is attached with a FF movie Invisible Woman’s arm, so it’s well articulated as it appears to float above the body. Then glue a length of chain to the amulet after it’s all painted first in orange then in yellow.


Captain America
A simple kitbash of the ML8 Cap body with the ML1 Cap head, hands and boots. I made a new belt for it and added one of the ML8 Cap’s pouches on the back left side because it looks neat.

Batman II
Actually this might be my 4th Batman. And I kept buying Batman toys in the hopes I would really like one, or maybe planning to one day put all the best pieces together. As soon as I got ahold of the DCSH 3 Batman, I immediately set to work on doing just that, and ended up with the DCSH 3 Bat’s body, the DCSH 1 Bat’s cape, belt and hands that alternate with the hands of the series 3 Bats ( I had to sand the texture off the newer ones) and a DCD Hush Batman’s head. I appreciate the compliments I have gotten for this recipie and while it’s a relatively simple kitbash like the Captain America, I really do love it, and it works perfectly in my scale.

Dr. Doom
A simple mixing of the ML Doom and the MS Doom. MS upper body and skirt with ML lower body. It now has the bulk and imposing nature I need it to have.

Mr. Fantastic & Human Torch
Again mixing 2 existing toys. Reed is mostly a movie I Reed with a movie II Reed’s arms, which I thought looked better. It still can add extensions at the waist, forearms, thighs and shins. The Human Torch is the body of the FF Classics I Torch with the arms from the movie I Torch, which keeps the arms articulated. In fact, these two little projects are among the very best articulated toys I own.

Nightcrawler II
This uses the ML9 Nightcrawler with the hands and feet from the old Giant Sixe X-Men box set Nightcrawler that I love so much and had used on an earlier custom. Loose a few points of articulation but makes for a better look.

Scarlet Witch
Nothing that hasn’t been seen before. I used the cloak, head and hands of the old Avengers line Scarlet Witch with a red dress MAC Witchblade toy. Add on a few bits of jewelry and repaint.

Wolverine III
This is a combination of the Face Off 1st Appearance Wolverine’s body with the head and hands taken from the Evolution of X 2 pack Wolverine. I had used these parts on 2 other customs and had added a smoke to Wolvie’s mouth and had ground down the metal claws from nails back in 1999. I love how these parts go together and I also had the leftovers make me a neat little 1st Appearance Wolverine.


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