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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Lars' Customs


Lars can be contacted at [email protected]


Danger Girl Abbey Chase with sculpted mask, boots & arm studs. vinyl wrist wraps. Redemption Spawn wings

Marvel Legends Angel with sculpted mask and cut vinyl straps & belt.

Material Force Microman with hand-painted emblem.
Material Force MicroLady with sculpted wrist bands.

Kingdom Come Flash body smoothed over with resin & KC Red Robin head with Tom Strong goggles and cloth Batman cape, cut. ML Black Widow wrist gauntlets, cut vinyl straps and sculpted shoulder pads.
Kingdom Come Superman with sculpted mask & boots. Cut vinyl belt.

Kingdom Come Flash body smoothed over with resin & KC Red Robin head.
Ml Black Widow with sculpted hair, breastplates and cuffs. Cut vinyl belts and laces.
ML Nick Fury with sculpted boots, mask and gloves and cut vinyl wings.

Wolverine boxset figure with sculpted wounds & tears. LOTR arrow through drilled holes in torso.
Homer Simpson with JLU Hawkgirl wings & Digimon Angemon headwings, cut vinyl straps and sculpted mask, shoulders & boots.
JLU Atom Smasher with sculpted mask, gloves and boots. belt, holster, sword and bandolier from my parts box.

REVERSE FLASH: A repainted JLA Flash.
BLACK LIGHTNING: Justice League Black Manta with sculpted collar, boots and cuffs. Cut vinyl belt with sculpted buckle.
HALO: Birds of Prey boxset Black Canary smoothed over with resin.
concept & direction by Michael Rodgers

SENTINEL: Eradicator head on a Superman body with sculpted ring & ears. Cut vinyl collar with ML Magneto cape.

SAND: Elongated Man smoothed over with resin with sculpted mask and cut vinyl belts and straps.
RED STAR: Orion with sculpted gloves, vest and sleeves. Public Enemies
BLACK LIGHTNING: A repainted JLA Green Lantern.

Public Enemies MR. TERRIFIC: JLA Green Lantern with sculpted earpiece, sleeves & collar. Custom-made vinyl decals for back and sleeves.

JLU comic THE RAY: JLU Flash with cut vinyl fin and collar.
JLU cartoon THE RAY: JLU Atom Smasher body with Aztek head & Jonn Jonzz collar with sculpted ears, tunic and gloves.
JLU classic THE RAY: JLU Flash with sculpted boots & cut vinyl fin and collar.

DEATHSTROKE: JLU Hawk body smoothed over with resin & sculpted gloves and boots. Found belt and swords.
AMAZO: JLU Atom Smasher body with a Wave Rider head and sculpted skull cap.
TROIA: JLU Wonder Woman with sculpted belt, boots and forehead.

THE SPECTRE: JLU Wave Rider with hair removed and Magdelina hood and mystery cape(?). Sculpted boots and gloves.
THE ATOM: JLU GL body with an Atom Smasher head and Superman cape, trimmed.
CHRONOS: JLU Atom with sculpted mask and Red Tornado cape. Custom-made vinyl decal for chest.
ICE: Justice Lords Wonder Woman with sculpted boots.

CRIMSON AVENGER: JLU Flash with sculpted boots & cut vinyl fin and collar.
DEADMAN: JLU Flash with sculpted boots/face and cut vinyl collar.
MR. TERRIFIC: GL head with Atom Smasher body with cut vinyl jacket and sculpted sleeves and pant cuffs.

DR. MANHATTAN: DCD Kingdom Come Flash with smoothed over resin on skull.
Airbrushed shadows.

JUSTICE LORDS FLASH: JLU Flash repainted with smoothed resin on arms.
TEN: VTES Lucita head on a Hawkgirl body w/ sculpted legs.
JOHNNY RAYGUN: JLU Elongated Man with sculpted boots, hair & raygun.
JADE: JLU Justice Lords WW body with Witchblade head.

JUDOMASTER: DCD JLA Atom with ML Phoenix sash. Sculpted pants and found topknot.
BLACK CONDOR: DCD Flash with ML Storm cape and cut vinyl sash.
ROBIN: Mattel Robin with cut Superman Returns cape and Batman glove spikes. Sculpted boots and arms smoothed over with resin.

HAL JORDAN: DCD Captain Atom with swapped-out GL hand. Custom vinyl decal.
MAJOR FORCE: DCD Captain Atom with sculpted hair and gold spray paint with enamel red top coat.
MR. TERRIFIC: DCD John Stewart with sculpted arms, gloves, earpiece and collar. Cut vinyl coat & custom vinyl decals on arms and back.

Super BIG GAY AL: Southpark BGA repainted with glued on DCD Superman cape.

WHITE TIGER: ML Iron Fist with sculpted mask and vinyl trim tape for boot straps. Found necklace with cat toy head and airbrushed blue tint
ANIME ROGUE: Ghost in the Shell base with sculpted boots and smoothed over with resin.
COMMANDER COURAGE: DCD Superman with sculpted mask and boots. ML Namor belt smoothed over with resin.

ZAURIEL: JLU Waverider with sculpted helmet, gauntlets and shoulder pads. Hawkgirl wings.
MICRON: JLU Atom with sculpted eyes and custom vinyl decal.
THE KEY: JLU Waverider with sculpted helmet.


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