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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Lars' Customs


Lars can be contacted at [email protected]


DC Direct Black Lightning & Marvel Legends Manhunter
Black Lightning is a DC Direct John Stewart with sculpted boots, sleeves and collar.
Manhunter is a Marvel Legends Gambit with sculpted sleeves and mask. The vest is cut vinyl and the boots were constructed with rubber rings and cut plastic spears with sculpted tops. The blade is a DCD Black Manta weapon with cut vinyl and sculpted blade.

Animated Daredevils & animated Kitty Pryde
The Daredevils are JLU Flashes with sculpted horns & gloves and cut vinyl belts with plastic tube holsters. Kitty is a Mattel Batgirl with sculpted gloves and boots.

Justice League Unlimited Hawkman and JSA Hawkgirl
Hawkman is a JLU Superman with a DCD Pocket Heroes Hawkman head & mace and JLU Hawkgirl wings. The chest and boots were sculpted with resin and the straps are cut vinyl with a sculpted circle. Hawkgirl is a JLU Hawkgirl with the hair removed with sculpted boots and back of the helmet. The arms wraps are cut vinyl.

Animated Hellboy, Madman and Space Ghost
Hellboy is a JLU Superman with a sculpted arm, head and Ultimate Lizard tail. His belt is from a ML Ultimate Captain America. Madman is a JLU Flash with sculpted boots, gloves and head. Space Ghost is a JLU Superman with a JLU Batman head, smoothed over with resin with cut vinyl belt & band buttons.

Justice League Unlimited Mr. Terrific, Vibe and Elongated Man
Mr. Terrific is an JLU Atom Smasher body with a JLU GL head. Sculpted jacket, gloves and hair. Vibe is a JLU Starman with sculpted hair and boots. Cut vinyl was used for the vest and belts. Elongated Man is a JLU Elongated Man repainted with a cut vinyl belt.

Justice League Unlimited Animal Man, Silver Age Green Arrow and Silver Age Aquaman
Animal Man is a JLU Starman with sculpted jacket and mask. Green Arrow is a JLU Superman with a JLU Green Arrow cap and quiver. Sculpted gloves, sleeves and boots with cut vinyl skirt and sash. Aquaman is a JLU Superman with cut vinyl leg fins & belt and sculpted gloves and torso.

Marvel Legends Mystique and New X-Men Emma Frost
ML Mystique with a sculpted shirt, pants and hair. I used metal rings fro the sides, a ML Rogue belt and the hands are from a DCD Artemis figure. Emma is a ML Black Widow body with a BTVS Darla head. Cut vinyl was used for the X-boots and the bust and collar are sculpted with resin. The white lab coat is from a ML Mr. Fantastic figure.

Marvel Legends Squadron Sinister Hyperion & Dr. Spectrum
Marvel Legends Magneto with sculpted arms, boots & cut vinyl and resin midsection. Dr. Spectrum is a Marvel Legends Iceman with a sculpted mask

ANIMATED AVENGERS SET: Giant Man: JLU 10" Superman smoothed over with resin with cut vinyl belt and antenna. Iron Man: JLU Red Tornado with rubber gasket shoulder rings and belt. Wasp: JLU Wonder Woman smoothed over with resin and cut vinyl wings. Captain America: JLU Dove with sculpted boots and gloves. BLack Panther: JLU Atom Smasher with sculpted mask. Thor: JLU SUperman smoothed over with resin with sculpted hammer, boots and wristbands.

BLACK LIGHTNING: JLU Green Lantern smoothed over with resin and repainted. JLU OMAC: JLU Martian Manhunter smoothed over with resin, cut vinyl fin, pinchers & gun were found in my parts box. JLU HAWKMAN: JLU Aquaman with sculpted helmet and boots.

JLU POWERGIRL: JLU Wonder Woman with sculpted hair, boots, gloves and torso. Cape was from my parts box. ANIMATED SPIDER WOMAN: JL Wonder Woman smoothed over with resin. JLU HAL JORDAN: JLU Superman smoothed over with resin, sculpted hair

MR. TERRIFIC: DCD Justice Black Manta with sculpted sleeves, cuffs and cut vinyl jacket trim. Custom made decals. JOHNNY SORROW: DCD Hush Riddler and DCD Metallo mask smoothed over with resin.

SPIDER WOMAN: DCD JLA Wonder Woman smoothed over with resin and cut vinyl webbings. BLACK WIDOW: Vampirella figure smoothed over with resin with ML BW belt and wristbands.

ULTIMATE NIGHTCRAWLER: ML Nightcrawler smoothed over with resin and repainted. BLINK: ML Mystique with sculpted boots & sleeves with Toybiz Storm hair and found skirt.

NIGHTHAWK: ML Vision with a Batman cape and cut vinyl headpiece.
WHIZZER: ML Cyclops with cut vinyl vest and sculpted boots and mask


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