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Julia Carpenter was a normal tennis player, mother, and homemaker before a mysterious group known as the Commission decided to use her in its super powers experiments. The Commission secretly injected her with spider venom in ever increasing dosages, eventually transforming her into Spider-Woman. On her first outing she got pulled into the Secret Wars (and inadvertently inspired Spider-Man's alien costume's design). She eventually joined ForceWorks and teamed up with Iron Man and pals.

This was actually the second Spider-Woman in the comics, the first being Jessica Drew, the star of her own series in the 1970s. The other notable thing about this character is that besides debuting in the Secret Wars mini-series, she also was the fictional inspiration for Spider-Man's black costume. This figure is decent enough, but her arms are awkwardly posed to allow her to throw her "psionic webs" when you push the lever on her back. It would have been nice had her eyes been sculpted on and not just painted. This figure was later repainted in the Spider-Man line as the original Spider-Woman.



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