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The Amazing Spider-Man

Wave Seven is unusual in that it consists entirely of repaints. Labeled as a "Special Collectors Series", this assortment feature two new Spider-Men, 2099 and the Ben Reilly version, who are repainted old variations. The Jessica Drew Spider-Woman is a repainted "new" Spider-Woman (naturally!), and the Rhino is the previously hard to find figure with a few accessories added. "Stealth Venom" is a rerelease of the Eddie Brock Venom figure from Wave Four with a new head. Almost as soon as these hit the shelves, two notable variations sprung up. Stealth Venom went from being black that fades to clear on his limbs to being completely clear with white details. Spider-Man 2099 went from a white axe to a red one, and the blue on his costume became lighter in the process. This "filler" assortment of figures is a strategy that Toy Biz seemed to like, as was repeated several more times (as in the subsequent "Techno-Wars" assortment of repaints). As befits an assortment of repaints, the cards for all the figures are the same on the front, showing the above pictured shot of Spidey's new outfit. Ironically, these barely hit the shelves before Marvel killed off Ben Reilly, thereby making the costume obsolete.

Spider-Man 2099

Stealth Venom

Original Spider-Woman

Total Armor Rhino

New Spider-Man

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