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Iron Man was one of the founding members of the Avengers, one of Marvel's premiere team books. He has rejoined that team at various times throughout his career and even had affiliations with a few other groups of super powered do-gooders. Although an entire chronology of Iron Man's comic career is outside the scope of this project, there is one event that does play into the toy line. As the West Coast Avengers comic ended, Tony Stark developed a proactive team of superheroes called Force Works. Though that comic was to be short-lived, it was an integral part of basis for what would become the Iron Man animated series.

In 1995, Marvel put forth the two animated series that comprised their Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic Four and Iron Man. The animated series only lasted two seasons due to low ratings. Compared with their animated cousins on the Fox Network (X-Men and Spider-Man) the Marvel Action Hour left something to be desired. The animated series attempted to blend modern comics continuity (e.g., Force Works) with silver age accents (e.g., origin stories). While this concept had potential, some of the elements didn't quite work.

Most of the figures that appeared in the action figure line actually made an appearance in the animated series. The Force Works team were Iron Man's supporting cast, with Mandarin and a team of villains serving as the opposition.

Here is a listing of the episodes from both seasons of Iron Man from the Marvel Action Hour. Note that some of the episodes were aired out of order in many markets. They are listed in the order in which they were reported to have aired. Note: unreleased figure Dark Aegis appeared in the episode "Distant Boundaries".

This list is courtesy of Scott Stewart.
1st Season

1. And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
2. Data In, Chaos Out
3. Silence My Companion, Death My Destination
5. Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer
6. Enemy Within, Enemy Without
7. The Origin of the Mandarin
8. The Defection of Hawkeye
9. The Origin of Iron Man, Part 1
10. Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 1
11. The Origin of Iron Man, Part 2
12. Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 2
13. The Wedding of Iron Man

2nd Season

1. The Beast Within
2. Fire and Rain
3. Cell of Iron
4. Not Far From the Tree
5. Beauty Knows No Pain
6. Iron Man on the Inside
7. Distant Boundaries
8. The Armor Wars, Part 1
9. The Armor Wars, Part 2
10. Empowered
11. Hulk Buster
12. Hands of the Mandarin, Part 1
13. Hands of the Mandarin, Part 2
Accompanying the Marvel Action Hour animated series was a companion comic book. Done in an approximation of the animated style (but not quite) and roughly following the continuity of the animated series, the Marvel Action Hour Iron Man comic lasted all of 8 issues. The comic was cancelled due to poor sales. The accompanying Fantastic Four Comic suffered a similar fate.

Nevertheless, the series did have a few notable features. First of all, the premiere issue came polybagged with a "preview" of both Marvel Action Hour animated series. It also came with an imitation animation cell showing three Iron Man armors (see picture at the top of the main page).

Here are pictures of the eight existing Marvel Action Hour Iron Man comics.


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