Jazwares Announces Minecraft Series 2 Figures

Jazwares™ Announces Minecraft™ Series 2 Figures

Diamond Steve, Iron Golem, Blacksmith and Animals to Populate The Overworld

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2014 -- Jazwares™, a leader in the toy marketplace, announced today the expansion of its core Minecraft™ action figure line. "Series #2" will feature core-scale figure packs of Diamond Armor Steve, Iron Golem, Blacksmith Villager and a deluxe Animal Mobs 6-pack.

The Diamond Armor Steve pack will include Steve with removable helmet, diamond sword and diamond ore block. The Iron Golem pack will come with accessories including a poppy flower and a block of iron. The Blacksmith Villager pack will include a removable apron and an anvil accessory. And, the Animal Mobs 6-pack will include one of each of the following: Cow, Sheep, Tamed Wolf, Pig, Ocelot, and Chicken.

All of the new items will be available at retailers this spring.

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