Alice: Madness Returns

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DST On Sale Now: Ghostbusters, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alice

In Store April 10, 2013: Ghostbusters, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alice and more!

April 10, 2013 - There's something strange (and awesome) in your neighborhood! It's another huge New Toy Day for Diamond Select Toys, with seven separate products winging their way to comic shops and specialty stores! Whether you prefer Klingons or Carbonite, fairy tales or Strange Tales, or have strong feelings either way on Jell-O, there's something waiting for you from DST! Find your local comic shop at, and if they didn't get it in, see if you can order it!

diamond select toys

diamond select toys

Star Trek Electronic Klingon Disruptor

Madness Returns: Royal Suit Alice

Diamond Select Toys

Alice Returns in Her Royal Suit from Madness Returns!

March 2013 - Madness is coming again! The response to the first series of figures from from the hit video game American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns was so overwhelmingly positive that Diamond Select Toys is coming out with yet another version of heroine Alice Liddell!

Joining the standard Alice and Hysteria Alice figures is Royal Suit Alice, featuring Ms. Liddell in yet another outfit that provides different benefits and abilities in different regions of Wonderland. Alice acquires the Royal Suit, which helps her access her invincible Hysteria mode, in the ruins of Queensland, where the Queen of Hearts is slowly regaining her power. Royal Suit Alice comes armed with her Vorpal Blade, Hobby Horse and Pepper Grinder weapons. Check out the packaging below, and look for Alice to hit comic shops and specialty stores in April!

DST On Sale January 2: Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk, The Walking Dead, Alice: Madness Returns and Street Fighter X Tekken

diamond select toys

In Stores January 2, 2013: The Hulk, The Walking Dead, Alice: Madness Returns and Street Fighter X Tekken!

December 30, 2012 - We survived 2012! This calls for a celebration! Diamond Select Toys will kick off 2013 with one of their biggest New Toy Days in a while, including action figures, Minimates, statues and bottle openers based on Marvel Comics, The Walking Dead, Alice: Madness Returns and Street Fighter X Tekken! Check out the long list of what's coming to comic shops and specialty stores on January 2nd!

diamond select toys

diamond select toys

Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 Asst.

Alice: Madness Returns Action Figures

 Madness Returns action figure

Madness Returns in new Alice Select Figure Photos!

August 2012 - We can't stop playing with the new Alice: Madness Returns figures from Diamond Select Toys! Video game-accurate versions of Alice, Hysteria Alice, the Cheshire Cat and a zombified Card Guard are all available now, so we dropped them in front of the Queen's palace to show off their poseability -- and, in Alice's case, her keen accessories! Check out the Hobby Horse, Pepper Grinder and Vorpal Blade in action in this new gallery, and then pick them up at your local comic shop or favorite online retailer! Snickersnack!

Visit to find the nearest comic shop, and get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

DST On Sale August 8: Marvel Select Chitauri, Alice: Madness Returns

In Stores This Week: Madness Returns and the Chitauri Strike!

August 8, 2012 - It's Wednesday, that magical day of the week when Diamond Comics ships comics and toys to good little comic shop customers across America. Which means it's time for the latest products from Diamond Select Toys! This week we get the last Marvel Select Avengers figure, and the first series of figures based on Alice: Madness Returns!

diamond select

First up, American McGee's take on the Alice in Wonderland story, as seen in the award-winning game Alice: Madness Returns, is now a line of Select action figures! The first assortment of 7-inch scale figures features the Cheshire Cat, a zombie Card Guard and Alice Liddell herself, complete with Vorpal blade, hobby horse and pepper grinder. And if you're lucky, your local shop also ordered in the Previews-exclusive Hysteria Alice, featuring Alice in her unstoppable Hysteria Mode from the game.

DST Femme Fatales: Alice: Madness Returns

The Star of Alice: Madness Returns is DST's Newest Femme Fatale

May 11, 2012 - American McGee's Alice has torn her way through Wonderland twice now, and I think we can all agree that the thing that stands out the most is the way she slices her way through Card Guards with her trusty Vorpal Blade. She gives a new meaning to the phrase "cutting the deck," and her determination and knack for causing mayhem made her a must-do for Diamond Select Toys' Femme Fatales line of statues.

diamond select

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