DST Femme Fatales: Alice: Madness Returns

The Star of Alice: Madness Returns is DST's Newest Femme Fatale

May 11, 2012 - American McGee's Alice has torn her way through Wonderland twice now, and I think we can all agree that the thing that stands out the most is the way she slices her way through Card Guards with her trusty Vorpal Blade. She gives a new meaning to the phrase "cutting the deck," and her determination and knack for causing mayhem made her a must-do for Diamond Select Toys' Femme Fatales line of statues.

diamond select

Sculpted by Steve Kiwus and painted by Jason Wires, this Alice: Madness Returns version of Alice is yet another stunning entry to the 9-inch PVC statue series. For those of you wondering why you need this statue when you've already ordered the 6-inch Alice from the upcoming action figure assortment, the action figure was drawn on inspiration from the video cut scenes throughout the game, whereas this piece was patterned more after the actual game play styling. In other words, get both! Pre-order her at your nearest comic shop or online toy store, and pick her up this fall!

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