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Captain America Legends: Arnim Zola Series

Created by Zombie Casablanca Studios ([email protected]).
Web site: www.kastorskorner.com


New Captain America: New Cap started as a Rulk Series Black Spidey with arms, belt and head courtesy of Union Jack. I cut UJ's face off above the nose and glued Longshot's mouth in its place. Next I switched out Spidey's feet for Luke Cage's boots, and trimmed the pouches on the belt. I glued the modded belt and some extra head wings in place, and repainted.

Winter Soldier: To keep the same scale as New Cap, I again used Black Spidey. For Winter Soldier, I used Longshot boots and an Adam Warlock head, a modded Union Jack belt with the pouches trimmed, and a modded harness from Silver Savage (I trimmed down the shoulder pad until is was the same size as the strap on the other shoulder). The chest holster is courtesy of Baron Zemo, painted him up and that's that.

Black Widow: Natasha was once a TRU Black Queen, with the costume details sanded down. The belt was made with Apoxie. I added a Longshot collar and bracelets from the 5" Scarlet Spidey, gave her a variant Wasp head, and repainted. I opted for a dull black for her bodysuit; the sheen of her costume seems to change from comic to comic, but I thought this made the most sense for a spy.

Red Skull: Red Skull was a Professor X body, vest sanded down and full tie made out of Apoxie. The General Lukin head is a repainted Xorn/ Magneto, and the Xorn helmet was also used for the Skull mask to ensure the best fit possible. After filing down the details on the Xorn helmet, I cut out eye holes (which line up with the figure's eyes underneath), and sculpted the Skull face out of Apoxie, using Steve Epting's comic art as a reference, then painted. *Fun fact: the only part of the Xorn mask still visible is the mouth, which looks just like teeth when surrounded by lips.

Sin: Sin also started out as a Black Queen, head-to-toe. I sanded down the hair, glued some pieces of White Queen hair and filled in the gaps with Apoxie. The corset was sculpted with Apoxie (the small daggers on the corset are toothpick tips), then glued on the belt and kneepads from some dollar store Power Rangers knock offs. Then, I repainted the figure, making sure to add Sin's trademark freckles.

AIM Soldier: The AIM Soldier started off as Baron Zemo, with Xorn hands and legs from some TNA Wrestler. I sculpted the belt details over Zemo's original belt, then sculpted most of the helmet out of Sculpey. After baking the figure for 30 minutes, I glued a piece of clear plastic with the mesh drawn on in black marker and cut it to make the visor. once the glue was dry, I sculpted a top layer to the helmet out of Apoxie and blended the lines into the dried Sculpey. The collar is a rubber band glued in place, both weapons are from my 5" Marvel parts bin, and I used one entire jar of Model Master yellow paint to coat up over the figure's original paint.

Arnim Zola: The base body for Zola is the opening-cockpit Iron Monger. I replaced the legs with ML Hercules legs, and the arms with LCBSH Marv arms. The pegs didn't synch up, so I sculpted the sleeves up higher to form a bond and keep the arms connected to the shoulders. The face is a printout of art from the comic, with a piece of clear plastic over it for a screen and a fram made out of Apoxie. The camera head is an original sculpt using Apoxie, the belt is a rubber band, and the loincloth is a chunk of cape from Adam Warlock.

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