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Raving Toy Maniac & CustomCon 10 Present



Created by Matt Cauley of Iron-Cow Prod.



The White Stripes feature some recycled Minimates elements, such a Megís skirt, which was modified from a Crouching Tiger Minimate. Jack and Megís hair, though, are new sculpts, created using MagicSculpt. The faces were drawn first by hand, and then brought into Illustrator for fine-tuning. A digital print completes the face, which was added directly to the Minimate noggin.


This second batch of White Stripes customs is similar to the previous. Meg's hat was created with MagicSculpt. Their armbands were created using clear vinyl, and the faces were outputted from a digital illustration and applied directly to the figure.


Apparently there havenít been too many portly Minimates in the past, so both Jack and Kyle feature newly sculpted torsos. MagicSculpt was used to create the hair (or lack thereof) as well. As with the White Stripes, the portraits were captured first on paper, then brought in to

Illustrator for some finessing.


Perhaps the most involved of the ICP Minimates is the OutKast set. Andre 3000ís hat was created using a combination of MagicSculpt and styrene. MagicSculpt was also used to create the hair accessories for both of these figures. Certain fashion elements were created using

clear vinyl, and while Big Boiís torso features a digital plaid print, the rest is hand painted to match. You havenít lived until youíve hand- painted plaid. Really.


For the most part, these guys are repaints with new hair accessories sculpted in Kneadatite. The only exception is the guy on the far right (Chris, I believe). His torso features a new shirt accessory made out of vinyl. Death Cab for Cutie have seen these figures and were ecstatic with the results. Iron-Cow Prod. is in talks with them currently to carry the line a bit further. Who knows? Some day you might just see these hanging on the pegs at your nearby Toys Rí Us, but for now theyíre most likely going to be hanging out with the band for awhile.


For the most part, Cedric (the guy on the left) is a repaint, though his hair was created with MagicSculpt. Omar, on the other hand, goes a bit further with newly sculpted cuffs, collar and hair (also created with MagicSculpt). As with the other Minimates, the faces were created first

by hand, then brought into Illustrator for outputting.


The Airmax figure sports an all-new torso created from styrene, combined with repainted elements from previous Minimates releases. The hair accessory is sculpted from MagicSculpt and coated in Alumilite to preserve that plastic luster. A chain connects his wallet to his body, keeping all his impulse toy purchases ready to go at a momentís notice.


The Iron-Cow Minimate sports the most complex amount of sculpting in an ICP Minimate to date. The removeable helmet is a combination of MagicSculpt, Kneadatite, and metal armature wire. I-Cís gauntlets were modified from a KISS Minimate, with new elements created by using

clear vinyl. The tail is fully articulated, and though he sometimes has trouble standing, I-C represents the first hoofed Minimate. Perfect for fighting crime or ballroom dancing.


Rex, for the most part, is a straight repaint of the traditional Minimate body. The hair was sculpted with MagicSculpt while the gun holster was made from vinyl. Any and all inspirations from Steve McQueen are purely coincidental.


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