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Over the years, James "Rhodey" Rhodes has been Tony's personal pilot, business partner and hand picked successor (as both head of Stark Enterprises and as Iron Man), but more importantly, he's been a close and valued friend. Rhodey took on the role as the armored super hero War Machine after Stark resumed his career as Iron Man.

War Machine was a good choice for the first series, especially if he took the place of an Iron Man variant. Not only was he a popular character at the time, but he had never had a figure before and his design is pretty darn cool. As far as the figure goes, it's hard to go wrong with this look. Silver is much easier to replicate in plastic than gold, so this armor tended to look better as a combination of vac-metallized pieces and plastic base. He has strange little "exhaust vents" on his shoulders that rotate back behind him.



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