Secret Wars Figure

In response to Kenner's Super Powers Collection, Mattel made the Secret Wars line as a tie-in to the ambitious Marvel Comics 12 issues "maxi-series".

The comic series was no great moment in literature, but remains a guilty pleasure for many to this day. What the figure isn't telling is that even though Tony Stark is featured on the lenticular shield that comes with it, the Iron Man at the time of Secret Wars was actually Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes! Rhodey even saves the day by blasting a hole in the mountain dropped on the heroes by Molecule Man.

Here is another Iron Man figure that had to tide toy collectors over for awhile. Released in 1984 as part of the Secret Wars line, this figure conveniently forgets that Iron Man got big ol' power pods back on his costume in addition to minor external modifications to the design during that mini-series. But we can forgive that oversight because this figure still holds up today as a very nice toy. Extra props go out to Mattel for adding detail into this mold and not just making him a repaint of the same body they used for most of the line.


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