Iron Man PVC Figures

Throughout the 70s and 80s, PVC figurines were very popular in comic shops, as cake toppers, and in gumball machines. PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, the basic plastic that most toys are made from. Many characters were made over the years, and Iron Man is no exception. These are generally around 2" to 3" tall, with sculpting ranging from decent to atrocious. The earliest PVC figures to really make a splash were the "Comics Spain" ones. Comics Spain was a company that produced a set of Marvel and DC 3" pvc figures in the late 1970s that were prized for a time mainly for being the only versions existing of many of the characters such as Punisher and Dr. Doom. By today's standards, these are pretty crude, but they did get the whole "red/gold" thing right, as seen above. Those were followed by Applause PVCs (shown below) and other ornamental figure companies. If anyone can specifically place these figures, or have shots of other IM PVCs, drop me a line.



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