Mego 8" Figure

The Mego toy company dominated licensed toys throughout the 1970s, but went bankrupt by 1982. How? Because they passed up a little license known as Star Wars, that's how. What was one very unique aspect of the Mego super heroes line was that both Marvel and DC characters shared the same line! I doubt you'll ever see that happening again.

This is the figure that probably launched a thousand Iron Man fans. Available for many years, Mego did a fair job of reproducing his most popular costume, nose and all. There has been a fair amount of speculation over the years over whether or not the head was originally intended for a Dr. Doom figure, as posited by Mego expert John Bonavita.

Here is a nice explanation of why that probable wasn't so by Mike Clune (taken from Usenet): "[John] has always contended that Iron Man's head-sculpt was originally intended to be Dr. Doom, but that Doom was scrapped as being too costly to produce. His "proof" of this is only that the Iron Man sculpt has a nose, which ignores three salient points: 1. Iron Man's helmet actually HAD a nose in the comics at the time his figure was released. 2. Iron Man was released in the wave *before* the Fantastic Four. Why would Mego have planned to make the FF's arch-enemy before the FF itself? 3. The Iron Man sculpt just plain doesn't look like Doom at all, in my book. Again, take nothing away from John B. - he knows more about Mego than most of us... ever will."

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